Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Don't Wanna...

do anything today.  Don't wanna go get my breasts pressed (ow), don't wanna type this, don't wanna go get my nails done (that I can wait on for a couple days, or maybe not, Friday will be too busy), don't wanna go back to the doc for a consult about my thyroid (nothing serious)... don't wanna, don't wanna, don't wanna.  I just want to sit around grazing on whatever holds still long enough for me to eat it, playing with yarn and fabric.  Maybe Durwood will go away for a while so I can have a bit of quiet, not that I want him to be gone forever, I just want a few hours of not-together.  He mostly does his thing and I do mine, it's just that for so many years I had the house and my time to myself, I miss that sometimes.  Here's what the front yard looked like once I'd finished raking away the leaf carpet on Sunday.  *sigh*  I liked it better with the layer(s) of pretty leaves.
Today's Photo a Day theme is "the view from here."  I had my camera out when I drove across the Mason St. bridge to work yesterday.  Here's the view to the south; there was too much bridge between me and the more interesting, northward view.

That's it for me.  I didn't write last night and I have nothing else to say that isn't whining and self-pity.  None of us want to see or read or type that.


BFayBooks said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I have about 6 tesks that need to be DONE, I just don't wanna DO them. Pass me a dark chocolate please.

Aunt B said...

You're living that song "Today I don't want to do anything. I just want to lay in my bed. Don't feel like picking up the phone -- leave a message at the tone." And it goes on to describe other more "personal" activities. I'm leaving out that lyric!