Thursday, October 4, 2012

And A Rainbow Saved Me (Hi, Joanne!)

I got home from a zero-customers day feeling down and droopy.  I suspect that I'm not as resilient as I like to think I am (small things can break my good mood in a heartbeat) so it was a salvation (not to put too fine a point on it) when I glanced out the patio doors to see a rainbow.  A rainbow!  It wasn't raining and it hadn't rained.  The sun was setting and I guess there was just enough moisture in the air to refract.  Whatever the meteorological reason, it saved me... and saved Durwood from an evening with a whining wife.  (lucky him)  After supper I got all of the scraps of digital video we took on our Yellowstone trip organized into a file on here (while we watched Nova on PBS, it was about Kilauea volcano--hot!) so that I can take my laptop to work with me because DS has some time today to come and show me (help me figure out) how to make them into a video that we can watch to torture ourselves when the winter winds blow.  We had such a good time, I can't stop saying it.  It was a real treat to spend the day with Cousin Mike and his girls (who are at those awkward ages [12 & 14] where you're happy and morose all in the same minute) out in that gorgeous landscape.  I want to go again RIGHT NOW, ahem, no, Barbara Sue, you can't go right now, it's going to snow there if it isn't already, besides you have to work and earn more money before you go haring off into the wild again.  (*sigh*  I really kind of hate it when the grown-up Barbara shows up.  She can be a real killjoy.)  I got a kick out of hearing our voices on the snippets I watched so I could put some identifiers on the files figuring that'd help today, and it's really easy to hear how happy we were and how much fun we had.  (BTW, we took way too much steam train video.  I solemnly swear to cut it way back in the final edit.  *cross my heart*)  And I didn't find any Wyoming mountains video... maybe I just didn't watch enough.  Oh well, we have the important stuff--Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, and the butterfly house in Sioux Falls.  We flipped to the Weather Channel last night after Wheel of Fortune (I'm embarrassed to say that we watch while we eat; I use the excuse that it's right after Jeopardy! and it's probably good for our brains to problem-solve the puzzles; I will say that I'm less of a fan than Durwood is, he likes to see what Vanna's wearing) and they showed the upper half of the country where a swath of Canadian cold is sinking down chilling places off.  It meant a whole lot more to me than it ever has because Fargo, ND, Billings, MT and Rapid City, SD and Sioux Falls, SD were on the map and I've been there so I could picture them.  Now they're REAL instead of imaginary dots.  (God, I love maps, don't you?)  Today's Photo a Day theme is "what you read" so I'm showing you that I read the daily paper and I read on my beloved Kindle Fire.  Did you know that you can get magazine subscriptions sent directly to your Kindle Fire?  It's true.  I get Birds & Blooms so I can figure out what to plant to attract more birdies to feed our backyard hawks.  No, no, I mean for Durwood to enjoy watching.  Yeah, that's it.  I'd love to have $499 to get one of the new Kindle Fires that's coming this winter; it's supposed to have 4G.  That's what lets you get the internet everywhere like a Smart Phone, right?  Does that mean you have to pay some sort of monthly fee to be connected?  It doesn't matter, I guess, since there's no freaking way I'm going to shell out that kind of money for the next best version of something I already have and love just the way it is.  (Just like I'm not trading in my perfectly good Durwood just because he's got gray hair and isn't quite as zippy as he once was.)  No way.  I'm not one of those gadget freaks who has to stand in line for each new iteration (I'm looking at you, Mr. Boss) just because it's new.  Not this church mouse, no sirree.

October 4--Georges Seurat, Study for A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.  Is that a monkey she has on a leash?  Damn these new glasses; they make everything look fuzzy.  Maybe it's a skinny dog with a long tail  This is really bugging me, I should get closer.  There.  It is a monkey.  How odd.  Why doesn't it slip its collar and go bounding off?  They have thumbs, you know, and it's obviously a smart thing.  Look at how it examines the things it's picking up.  I could never have a monkey.  They're too close to being human.  I could accidentally offend it and it could attack me as I slept.  Dogs are bad enough.  Cats are unbearable.  A monkey is out of the question.  I don't know why you'd even bring it up.  What are you thinking?

Yeah, I'm not really sure what's going on there either but that's what came and beggars can't be choosers.  I'm just happy when words come, any order, any style, I'm not picky.  I have to "work" again today.  I put it in quotes because it's more like sitting around knitting and listening to a novel on my iPod than actual working but I have hours to be there and I get paid to do it so it counts.  I know Cookie isn't sure it's working but let me tell you, sometimes it's a real struggle to be there (meaning "stay awake").  It can be brutal.
--Barbara Sue

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