Sunday, December 26, 2010


Wanna know how tired I was last night? Here's what I managed to write before I conked out.

December 25--Bora-Bora.

Trade winds blow
steady and constant
angling the palms
out over the shallows.


That's it. I was so tired I didn't wake up until 9 AM. I haven't slept that late for years.

We had a great time at my brother and sister-in-law's this afternoon. We had appetizers and then traded white elephant gifts. I got a gargoyle snow globe! It's cool. Then at halftime of the Packers game we had brats and hot dogs on the grill, baked beans, and pineapple fluff. Yum. For dessert Alice made her mom's pistachio cake. Double yum. It was a fun way to spend the day.

I've got one final Christmas gift to finish. Back to the sweat shop.

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