Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Day

We're having a blizzard, the first of the season. The police asked people to stay off the highways today so everyone's hunkered down making cookies or soup (I'm guessing) and staying safe. We figure we'll get today's paper this afternoon, or maybe tomorrow. I took some pictures so you can see the winter wonderland.

December 11--Angra dos Reis. Brazil. It's not hard to imagine what the explorer Gaspar de Lemos saw when he anchored off this beach four hundred years ago. The water had to be the same bright turquoise and the sand the same blinding white. Where there brown-skinned natives on the beach to greet him or was it as empty as it is today? I need to gather my thoughts, to try to reconnect to the present. Gregory is getting more and more exasperated with my detachment. He wants me to be interested in his talk of finance and policy but the Brazilian sun has baked me into a languor difficult to overcome and the incense of the jungle lures my thoughts to dimensions other than my own.

FYI--the Harry Potter movie was excellent, we thought it was the best so far. I'm going to get the soup started and then go downstairs and make some lotion stuff. I haven't done that in a while.

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