Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Forgot... show you my race t-shirt. Isn't it cool? I'm wearing it right now and I look very race-y. Or maybe jingle-y.

Yesterday was ou
r 34th wedding anniversary. Even after all these years we both still think we made a good choice. It's been a fun ride through life together with lots of adventures along the way. We exchanged cards and went to supper at Cat & Jim's Art & Soul Cafe. It was totally delicious. We each had the "two meats, two sides, and a corn muffin" dinner and our bill was just twenty bucks. Not bad, eh?

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Zoe said...

Happy anniversary you too! I hope hubby and I still feel like we made a good choice in 30 years! You're a good role model for newlyweds like us!