Friday, December 10, 2010


And more on the way, lots more, or so the weather guessers say. I'm noticing that Mother Nature saved up the snow for when I no longer am able to park in a garage. Thanks a heap. I just got back from getting my nails done, now I look gorgeous. Well, those 10 little parts of me do, the rest looks pretty much the same except I'm in a good mood so I'm peppy and smiley. Durwood said that DS called to invite me to the movies tomorrow to see Harry Potter. Yay! I hope we can arrange a time, I'm hungry for Milk Duds. What? You don't eat Milk Duds at the movies? I thought everyone did. I'm not a member of the popcorn and soda crowd, no salt and butter for me, I'll have buttery caramel and chocolate, thanks. Although I am enjoying the bag of caramel rice cakes I bought, crunchy and caramel-y are good too.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? I've read all the books a bunch of times and listened to the CDs too. I don't even know why I like them but I do, have from the beginning. I also like a wizard called Harry Dresden in a series of books by Jim Butcher. Harry Dresden is a wizard in Chicago, the only one in the yellow pages, who battles demons and evil stuff from the Nevernever in the present day Windy city. I like his wise cracks and the world-weary voice of James Marsters on the CD versions. If you like fantasy novels with faeries, etc. give the Dresden Files books a chance.

December 9--Belle Ile, France. "Oh, this is perfect," Marielle said. She was hot and sweaty from their hike up the beach. Etienne had set a blistering pace, walking on the wet sand where it was firmest. She had been angry at him when they passed open stretches of beach that looked good to her. She had said, "What is wrong with here, 'Tienne? I'm tired." But he shook his head at her and strode on. He led her past two sharp headlands that jutted out onto the beach and was finally stopped by a solid wall of the gray stone. The sea swirled around the base of the land and had carved out a private area of sand perfect for two. He took her bag from her and laid out the blanket.

That's when my brain turned to mush and all the words stopped. Bah.

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