Monday, December 27, 2010

I Did A Little Better

last night. I stayed awake for about 15 minutes once I got under the covers. It was no surprise to me, after all I drank a whole cup of DS's delicious porter and I am not a drinker, not beer, not wine, not liquor. I just got out of the habit, never really cared for beer or wine, and don't really need the empty calories but since it's Christmas and I kind of like the porter (it's chocolate-y and molasses-y tasting) so I had a little. I can't wait for Jan. 1 when I open the 2011 Art Gallery calender and stop having to think of something to write about an island. Lesson learned, never again buy a single-subject page-a-day calender to use as writing prompts. 365 days of anything is just too much.

December 26--Bora-Bora.

White sand slips
under pale blue water
gradually moving deeper
until it drops away
to lie down below
dark navy fathoms.

Cruciform shadow glides
over the sand,
a snorkeler ponders
the life-cycle of the reef.

Palm trees sway and clatter,
lean away from persistent
trade winds sending
emissary coconuts
out to sea.

Now that's better. A little imagery, a little mystery, a little movement, everything you'd want in a spur of the moment poem. Good job, me. Gotta go de-funk the bathroom and change the sheets, DD & DIL2 are on there way here today from Bowling Green, KY. Yay!

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