Sunday, December 5, 2010

Made It!

Yesterday I walked in my first official "race." A few knitting friends and I signed up for the Jingle Bell 5k for Arthritis Research out at the university. It was cold and the trail was frozen woodchips or gravel so it was very different from walking on pavement or a treadmill but I finished in just over an hour, which is my best time per mile ever. I missed the little bench to sit on at the turn-around for a 5 minute rest and the shorter-seeming return trip but it was fun, and we weren't last. All good.

On Friday night other friends and I went to the Botanical Garden to see the Holiday of Lights display. We splurged on the wagon ride since a couple of us have bad knees. The lights were gorgeous and it was fun to be with friends, laughing and talking smart.

Yesterday was our 34th anniversary so Durwood and I went to supper at Cat & Jim's Art & Soul Cafe and ate soul food. Mmm, fried okra and bbq.

December 4--Isola Bella, Italy. Chap walked up the gray stone steps, his head bowed over the brochure. He had an uncanny feeling of familiarity with the Borromeo Palace. As soon as he set foot on the deck of the garish tour boat it was as if he were returning home. The feeling of the sun on his back and the rocking of the boat felt familiar. Even the smell of the very air welcomed him to the place. He was not a fanciful man. He didn't believe in ESP or reincarnation or any of that psychic rot but he couldn't explain even to himself why he felt so at home in a four-hundred-year-old palace.

Sorry, I was so tired after my give it all you've got walk in the morning I just conked out.

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