Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Poem, Less Satisfaction

Holy moses, it's frickin' cold today. So cold that I wimped out on walking today. In the mall. It was 7:30 and it seemed too cold to go outside to get into the car much less drive across town and work up a sweat walking circles around an unopened mall. It's so cold that Durwood's going to be using canned mushrooms in the lobster saute for supper rather than going to WalMart for fresh ones. And I got an email from the Ashwaubenon library saying that an inter-library loan I ordered is in, which means my intention to stay indoors until I have to go to the dive club Christmas party is probably doomed. I will go down to my basement lab to finish making a few lotion-y things for the knitters' Christmas prezzies this afternoon as soon as I get this posted, though, because this next Friday is the last one before Christmas Eve. Eek. That's a sobering thought, innit?

Last night's island calender picture was singularly uninspiring. I tried my hand at committing poetry again less successfully than the previous night. Maybe I'll do a bit of judicious editing as I type it in and it'll be better. Can't hurt.

December 13--Sicily.

Ancient caldera
cradle of fire
cooled over centuries

Erosion softened edges
greenery mantle
hides the bones
diffuses steam

Sicily's fire comes
from deep within

Stay warm today.

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