Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunshine on Fresh Snow

For a minute there, it looked like a Christmas card outside, but then I had to fire up the snowblower to clear the driveway and threw gray slush out over the lawn. Oh well, nothing stays pristine for long. Durwood and I spent all day yesterday going from one doctor appointment to another but now he's done for 6 months and got gold stars all around. What a good boy! He saw a tiny market in a strip mall that we investigated and I'm proud to say that Green Bay has a Somali market! We bought a small container of whole nutmegs (oh, they smell so good) and another of curry powder. We're looking for more flavor without more heat in our curry so we'll test it out. We're planning to make curried goat next week when DD & DIL2 are visiting. Yum, curried goat, with rice and chocho and carrots. Mmm. That's good eating.

December 21--Isla de los Pescadores, Bolivia.

Sea of salt
blinding white
eye-burning alkali
sucking life-giving moisture
until all that's left is
a skeleton
bleached bones
sinews shrivelled
to the color and consistence
of jerky.

The white is so painful
in the equatorial sun
that the mere sight
of the cactus island
makes your eyes

And that's it for today. Keep plugging away, 2010's almost over. We can make it!

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