Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Forgot To Post

Sorry. I got caught up in a project yesterday morning and forgot. Too much stuff's going on and I get distracted, plus my writer-ing self seems to be hibernating or something. My brain's run out of words to string together for your entertainment but I'm not giving up. I'll keep plugging away because I'm nothing if not stubborn.

December 19--Seychelles. Like a watercolor in shades of white, gray, and pale blue the view spread before her. Expecting powdery sand and swaying palms, Shea began her vacation disappointed by the granite boulders tumbled in the bay like a giant's discarded toys. But by the end of the first day she had relaxed into the feeling of enclosure and protection she got from the rocks.

December 20--Zlatni Rat Beach.

Hot sun pounding
like sledge hammers
on winter-pale skin
Scouring grains of sand
blown on salt-laden
winds that bring Africa
to over-civilized shores.


A-a-a-and that's it for the last two days. I have high hopes that my enthusiasm will grow when I'm done with the Islands Page-a-day calender and into the Art Gallery. I never thought I'd get tired of islands but, oh man, I am sick of them. Sick, I tell you, sick.

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