Friday, December 24, 2010

Okay, I'm Pleading Christmas

I realized that I forgot to post yesterday--again. Sorry about that. It's just that I'm thinking of too many things and trying to finish things or organize things--or figure out what day it is. All I'm planning to do today is make party mix, English toffee, spritz cookies, and toffee shortbread. I'll probably end up doing a bit of wrapping, cleaning, and knitting too, but I'm not making any promises, I just want to get the food parts done. I've been putting the food fixing off so that neither of us eats too much of it before the holiday arrives but it's time.

December 22--Cook Islands. "It's like a movie set," Laurel said. She stood in the bow of the sailboat getting ready to furl the sail. Behind her Sam snorted. "You say that every time we come into one of these little islands. You must have spent your childhood watching movies." "I did." She laughed. "Mama was a movie nut, we watched at least two movies a day. There was one at three-thirty and another one at ten-thirty after the news. We'd pile up in her bed and watch on the little black and white TV on her dresser."

December 23--Whitsunday Islands.

Mountain tops poke
out of the sea.
Shaggy pines cover
ridges that hide
ancient rock.
Speedboat carves
exuberant white "S"s,
writes tales of pent-up
energy on the waves.

Hope your day is happy and busy and filled with Christmas craziness. I know mine will be.

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