Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Visitor

This Sharp-shinned Hawk visits here in summer but it's in winter that it stays the longest. Durwood said it sat on the fence for about 15 minutes, which is about 2 days in hawk time, but it didn't catch anything. In the summer it swoops through and never stays on the fence for more than a minute. It isn't the only hawk that hunts in our backyard, after all we do put out the birdseed buffet which attracts the birdie buffet that attracts the hawks. Durwood wants to dictate which birds the hawks can eat (not hummingbirds or cardinals) but I've told him he'll have about as much luck with that as he's had training the squirrels not to eat the birdseed and suet, which is to say, none, but he keeps trying. It occupies him. And that's the Wisconsin Hawk Report for today.

I've had a lot of knitting time the last few days so the Dreamsicle sock is chugging right along. I really like the color and the way the yarn patterns.

Tomorrow Jason's Hat #2 gets to go to work with me and grow. It looks like it's going to be a lot more his size than the gigantic one I made last week. Whew.

After supper tonight Durwood and I finally got the Christmas tree up
. That's another whew. Next comes making a few treats for when the kids are here. That'll get done tomorrow night and Friday. Can you believe that it's already December and nearly the end of it, to boot? I can't. It seems like 2010 just flew by. I know, that makes me sound old but I want to go out with a tack hammer and nail down a few corners to make time pass a bit more slowly so I can at least notice the days passing instead of having the whole thing just be a blur. I can't decide if I like the flash picture or the no-flash picture best, so you're getting both. You be the judge.

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