Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Almost done with 2010 and I won't be sorry to see it go. It has been an emotionally fraught year for me and I'm glad it's on its way out. I've got new meds and I'm working on a new attitude so 2011 will be off to a good start. I also have plans to rejuvenate my writer-self in the new year. She's languished for the last two years and I miss her. No more namby-pamby, Mrs. Nice Guy for me, I'm going to buckle down and dig her back up. Cross my heart.

DD & DIL2 helped me take down the Christmas tree and put it away for another year. It only took ten minutes, okay, maybe fifteen, with them helping. I'd have stalled and procrastinated and made the job last all day. Thanks, ladies. Now they're downstairs in the laboratory whipping up a few batches of lip balm to take back to KY with them. It's so nice to have adult children.

This afternoon I'm going to an open house with a bunch of my knitting pals. It'll be great to spend a few hours with them again. The holidays' being on Saturday meant that Harmony Cafe closed early on both Eves so no Friday Night Knitting. I'm having withdrawal!

Here's the second-to-last year end Island prompt writing for 2010--

December 30--Majorca.

An ancient pine
stand sentinel
over terraces cut
before memory began.
The jagged coast
unsoftened by time
sends out its points
to scoop up
arms full of sea.

White rock,
green pine
play leap frog
down to the bay.
Blue sky kisses
bluer water
out where the
sun is born.

The chill of the sea
laps heat
from the rock.
Sun's warmth
traded for
a rime of salt.

An ancient pine
stands sentinel.

Happy New Year's Eve to all of you! Have a fun evening but be safe.

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