Thursday, December 9, 2010

A-a-and I Overslept

You know how you get tired, stay up a little late, and then neglect to turn on your alarm? Well, that was me last night. I decided (at around 11:30) that I didn't need the alarm(s) to wake me at a decent hour, I'd wake up. Besides I don't have to be at work until 10. Plenty of time. Well, I awoke at 7:45, read the funnies, did the crossword and attempted the sudoku (I seldom get it but I try), and ate my Cheerios. Then I brushed my teeth and made a tidy of my hair. I was sure I'd have plennnnty of time to log on, play a quick spider solitaire game, blog this, dress and be on time for work. Well, I've got 18 minutes to finish this, dress, and beat it outta here. Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Better get a move on.

December 8--Pantelleria, Italy. Beyond the stone arch the limitless ocean beckoned. Mario steered the boat toward freedom and prayed that there were no fallen rocks just beneath the surface. He pushed the throttle and felt the boat rise and bounce over the wavelets. He was too close to the arch to look back and the roar of his outboard was the only sound he heard. Once he was through the arch he could run along the coast. Maybe he'd find a cove or a narrow place to hide. Luca and his brother would not hesitate to follow him to the ends of the earth but they were not natural on the water like he was. He had a feel for the currents and would have been an asset in Signore Gambino's smuggling business but he wanted to go to university. This chase was the result of him giving his notice. Evidently the Gambinos didn't believe in equal opportunity. It was Luca's job to make sure Mario didn't give away any secrets. Ever.

Happy day! Stay warm.

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