Friday, December 17, 2010

Panic Is Setting In

I just went two rounds with frantically shopping for my near and dear and I have to tell you my fingers are exhausted. I can't seem to wrap my head around the idea that it's a week from Christmas Eve today. A week! If it wasn't for the fact that Ann & Anne are coming home on the 27th I think I'd let Christmas slide on by with just a ham dinner to mark its passing, but I guess I have to put up the tree and make a little merry. I will definitely be making a big batch of Chex mix, one of English Toffee, spritz cookies (gotta have the pooping dogs with Red Hot eyes and mini-chocolate chip turds, you know, although I'm thinking I'll skip those for a few years once the grandkids arrive and just make them plain), and a batch (or twelve) of toffee shortbread cookies from Samurai Knitter's recipe. They are soooo good. What are the "have to make" Christmas treats at your house?

December 16--Sri Lanka.

I hate being hot,
salt water makes
my skin sticky, and
sand goes everywhere.

Poets rhapsodize about
spindrift and sea breezes
but it smells dead fishy and
I think something
bit me.

Did you know this purple-
flowered vine has thorns?
Don't touch.
I think that dog has fleas
and the mange.

Tropical paradise,
my ass.
It's hot and smelly,
far from home,
everything's overpriced.

It looked so good
in the brochure.
Whose idea was

So happy, so merry, so grinch-y. Enjoy your day.

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