Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's snowing. I'm not ready for it. I'll admit I did probably bring it on by swapping the lawnmower for the snowblower yesterday afternoon. I even bought new gas for it, so I'm probably to blame for the white stuff flying around out there. And I suppose a bit of snow will help people get into the Christmas mood.

I guess since this is supposed to be a yarn craft blog I should show you what I've been working on lately.

On Sunday I started the Fish Bag for the baby gift, but I'm not sure I like the yarn for a boy. Maybe I'll frog it and get some blue and green yarn and try again.

I'm making progress on the scarf I'm making for my hair stylist. Pretty colors, don't you think? I'm liking both brown and lime green quite a lot this year.

I made the second bath fishie the other day. One more to go for the baby-to-be and one special order one that I was happy to find I have the right colors for.

I've been knitting a bit on the Wrap but didn't take its picture. Last night for some reason I dug out another skein of cotton and started another scarf. It's like crack.

The other day a Downy Woodpecker came to visit the feeder and Durwood took her picture. You can tell she's a girl because she doesn't have red on her head like the boys do. I like the tidy black and white look of them.

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