Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Mercy

You would not believe the snow flying around outside. Here's the view out the front door. We were supposed to go to a Christmas party tonight but we decided to stay home and we're both glad we did.

I finished the hat I started the other day, only to discover I had added too many stitches and too many rows. The first hat was too small, the second too big. Way. Too. Big. R-r-r-rip.

In frustration I dug out the Meathead Hat pattern I used for Xmas hats a couple years ago, added another strand of the variegated yarn, and started again. Hats go fast when you
knit them on size 15s. By last night I finished it up at Friday Night Knitting. Now I need to find a big button or a shiny pin to put on it.

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