Saturday, December 11, 2010

Movie Day!

It's not snowing too hard yet so movie day is still on. We have doubts about whether we'll make it to the Barbershoppers' Christmas party tonight because it's supposed to be snowing the hardest late in the afternoon. But then we do live in Green Bay, Wisconsin which is called the Frozen Tundra by scores of rabid football fans, so we get snow. And our poor tenant plans to do a bit of moving in this weekend. Well, better her than me.

December 10--Dominican Republic. The palm trees were too lined up not to have been planted. They all leaned east toward the Atlantic which seemed wrong. the prevailing winds, the tradewinds blew from the east. Shouldn't the trees lean away? Palm trees aren't much good for shade either. They're too tall and they wear all their fronds on top so any shade they do make is never in the right place.

And that's when the shades of the night took over and I only managed to get the notebook and my glasses back on the nightstand before I was gonegonegone.

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