Saturday, November 19, 2016

Well, That's The End Of That

See what I saw when I straggled out of bed this morning?  That's right, SNOW, the cold white stuff the sight of which probably made the deer hunters cheer (it's opening day of gun deer season in Wisconsin) but makes most of the rest of us groan.  After the balmy start yesterday the wind picked up in the afternoon and slowly blew in cold temps so by the time I left knitting around 8:15 it was in the low 50s and this morning it's in the low 30s and blowing like a banshee out there.  I am happy to say that I cancelled my reservation for tonight because I wasn't fast enough with the Zycam so I've got a doozie of a cold which would kind of derail any pleasure I got out of being away.  I can pile up on the couch with a gallon of OJ, pockets full of Halls, a box of tissues, and my own personal wastebasket, turn the TV on to some mindless drivel or maybe an old movie and knit and doze the next two days away.

Yesterday was that day in the progression of a cold where you feel okay in the morning, feel gradually worse through the day, until in the evening you feel like Death eating a cracker.  I even left knitting an hour early and I NEVER do that, but even I could hear that I was sounding worse and worse so I packed up my stuff and came home and fell into bed.  I did manage to knit about half of the fourth and hopefully last Owl Puff.  Not that I don't like making them but I'd like to move on to other amusing patterns.  I'll finish it today, I'm sure.

The only other noteworthy item is that the avocado pit I potted in soil about 10 days ago is growing like crazy.  We had to turn it around because it was bending into a C shape reaching for the light.  I think Durwood thinks we're going to have fruit one of these days but I grew one when I was in college that was so big I needed a mechanic's creeper to move the pot and it never bloomed or fruited.  Ah well, it's fun to watch.

No, I didn't write last night either.  I was so snot-filled and sore-throated that I laid down and checked out.  I'm just happy to have the energy to do this much.  Count your blessings.  Off to fix myself some orange juice and Sierra Mist (an old Malcolm family treat and treatment for a cold) and then pile up on the couch with yarn and TV until further notice.  Amuse yourselves.  Peace, out.

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Aunt B said...

When I saw that snow picture I was so hoping to then read that you'd cancelled your night away. Sorry about your cold but like your remedy of couch, knitting, TV watching and Sierra Mist Rx. I guess winter is here!