Friday, November 11, 2016

I Played A Rousing Game...

... of "What's Still Alive?" in the backyard this morning and a few things are.  These petunias are holding on by the skin of their teeth.  The pineapple sage looks perfectly happy pointing its red rockets of flowers at the sky.  And the nasturtiums look like they had a couple hard nights on the town but they're still gamely blooming.  The feeders are emptying faster these days and later on I'll be scrubbing out the birdbath and installing the heater so there's open water for the birds all winter.  That's how I get them to come, you know, I have water out there all the time, even in the dead of winter.  That's also why I junk pick a discarded Christmas tree or two, so the birds have a sheltered place to go after drinking or bathing.  I also sprinkle seed in the tree branches for the shy ones and so they'll have a snack after their bath.  I'm nice like that.  Also it's nice to see something alive out in the great white wasteland that is mid-winter Wisconsin.


As promised, I completed the remaining four hexagons and one square for OJ's Christmas stocking yesterday.  I will dedicate some time this weekend to the tedious job of sewing them together.

After the hexagons were done I got busy finishing the slice of "multigrain" bread.  I like it and the size seems just right (remember I was afraid it'd be too small).  After supper I crocheted, ripped out, and re-crocheted the tomato slice (it was waaaay too big).  I'll remember to put my modifications on my Ravelry page later.  Then I crocheted the lettuce.  It's not exactly how I envisioned it but it's adequately lettuce-y and it fits the sandwich perfectly.  I still think the bacon's too big and I need to make a couple more slices anyway so I'll go down a hook size and see if that helps.  I'll make another slice of bread too.  Doing this makes me want to search out more play food to crochet... well, there IS that apple pie pattern I had my eye on...  we shall see.  Maybe I'll alternate knitting anklets and crocheting play food for a while, that should be loads of fun.

November 11--Russ Schleipman, Watching.  He was there every afternoon, his nose pressed to the window, waiting for Scott to come home.  Joey was small for his age and he'd had a hard start in life.  Mrs. Keebler said he wasn't ready for school even though he could make the sounds for the letters and knew all his numbers.  I knew for a fact that Micah Findley wouldn't know a "5" from an "M" and he was in school.  He even got promoted to second grade even though he didn't know how to read.

It occurred to me last night that I'm tired of using these stock photos for writing prompts so I dug out the original book of prompts I started with long, long ago and also the box of Archetype cards that my friend RS published.  I'm hoping either the words or the pictures spark some creativity in my sluggish brain.

Hey, today my baby boy, DS, is 38 years old.  I can not believe he's that old but I did the math and he is.  I, however, am not 38 years older than when I gave birth to him, 25 is the max I'll accept.  Happy birthday to my best baby boy!

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Aunt B said...

Happy Birthday to your baby boy. Somehow they turn into real grown-ups with babies of their own. That knitted sandwich is too clever. And the bacon slice? You can never have too much or too large a slice of bacon!