Friday, November 4, 2016

Seven Bucks A Bag

We don't really need any more kids' books but today at the Friends of the Library Book Sale the first shopping bag full was $7 and any successive bags were $5 so I had to go.  And I didn't really "Tetris" the books I bought in the bag, I just slipped them in and when the bag got satisfactorily heavy I paid my seven bucks and got going on the rest of my errands.  I didn't do too badly.  I found a few board books and one puffy plastic paged one for OJ to gnaw on.  (I'll clean it with Clorox Wipes first, of course.)  I got a couple books for me--an origami one, another string figure one, and a toy making one.  I looked for knitting books but didn't find any.  I didn't look for reading books because I get them almost exclusively in digital format and I'm clearing out my paper books so--why pay for them?

Yesterday was a good day for crocheting hexagons for OJ's Christmas stocking.  Customers were just far enough apart that I'd get one or two rounds done so I could lay it down without forgetting where I was.  Now I have 12 of the 16 needed done so pretty soon I'll make the lone square one, sew them together and, VOILA!, a stocking will appear.  I will get it done before Thanksgiving.  Cross my heart.

For mindless knitting while talking and laughing I dug out Sudoku strip #5 and have about 4 inches more to knit on it.  Then I'll knit another one the same length, then it'll be time to knit the two looooong strips to join the 3 three-block panels.  After that I'll have to decide how I want to border the thing.  I'm torn between just going around a few times with single crochet or picking up stitches along the sides, one by one, and knitting strips around the edges.  It'll depend on how very sick and tired I am of the whole thing by the time I get there. 

November 4--James Visser, Baby on Beach.  Carrie looked up from her book and grinned.  Somebody's dark-haired toddler was playing in the rinse showers on the beach pad.  He?  Yes, he had shucked his tiny trunks and was laughing as he pranced in the spray from the shower heads.  She couldn't see anyone nearby and wondered who was watching him.  He looked to be about three years old, there should be someone looking for him.  She put down her paperback and got up to see if she could find out where he came from and who was in charge of him.

I had a very spread out bunch of errands to do today.  I think I spent more time driving from point to point than I did doing the actual errands.  It's a beautiful sunny day so I think I'll go out and rake me some leaves.  I have extra rakes if anyone's looking for an hour's amusement.

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Aunt B said...

You did good at the library sale. I volunteered at our library years ago sorting books for the sale and it was so hard not to buy many of the kids' picture books. Such bargains! I thought of your Sudoku project when you put up that 18,000 piece puzzle. Another effort that could take a lifetime to complete. But it sounds like you're on the home stretch!