Monday, November 14, 2016

Too Far From A Shore

We live too far inland from an eastern shore so I wasn't able to see the Supermoon Beaver Moon until it had climbed above the trees and by then it looked pretty much like your standard full moon.  For those of you who only had clouds to look at last night, tonight's moon should be almost as big.  A few years back Lala and I were in Sheboygan right on Lake Michigan on the night of a Supermoon and got to watch it's enormous orange-ness rise from the dark lake waters.  It was breathtaking.  What is it about the Moon that enchants us so?

I got my second toast slice crocheted so there's a bread choice for the BLT.  I also surfed the pattern pages in Ravelry and "favorited" a few more sandwich patterns with cheese and meats and pickles and onions, even a chicken drumstick, so over time, when I'm done with more immediate crafty needs I can wallow in making food from yarn.  (Is that like spinning straw into gold?  Should I change my name to Rumpelstiltskin?)

Last night's supper was plain old chicken and rice, good but not too noteworthy, but dessert, now, that was a different story.  I baked Pumpkin Pie Bars with pecans on top that made the whole house smell fantabulous for the entire day.  I was a little disappointed that the cake mix didn't make more of a crust on the bottom, they were a bit difficult to get out of the pan but they sure tasted good.  I smartened up and got out some flat Glad freezer containers, put four bars in each one and put the lion's share of the bars in the freezer.  Downstairs--so I don't sneak in and nab one.  I know how I roll.  (sorry the pan in the picture looks kind of grungy but it's Mother Malcolm's old cake pan; I scrub it, even Mr. Clean Magic Eraser it, but can't get the baked-on grease off but I can't bear to toss it either)

Last night's writing prompt was a complete bust.  I had a germ of an idea when I started out but the germ died within two sentences and I was just too worn out to force it.  Maybe tonight...

I get to work today so it's time to say sayonara, hop on my horse, and ride off into the sunrise.  (Hey, I drive east to get there so "sunrise" is correct)  Oh, and as of this morning I've lost 20 lbs.  Yay, me!

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Aunt B said...

Hey, your weight loss is impressive. Even with tempting things like pumpkin pie bars around! We still can't see the moon down here but we need the rain so I'm not complaining.