Sunday, November 20, 2016

One Wing Short of an Owl

Did I tell you about that kids' storybook, The Mitten, that I found in a Little Free Library and want to knit a big mitten and find some animal toys that the kids can put into the mitten?  Anyway, I saw the book, the mitten, and the wooden animal toys on a knitting website and couldn't find the animals so I emailed the blogger asking where she got them and she quickly replied with the name of the company that makes them. I looked them up online to discover that they start at about $10 each and go up.  That ain't happening.  So I found a pattern to crochet four of the eight animals, got that inexpensive yarn last week, and today I plunged in.  Staying true to my Germanic heritage I started with the owl, the first pattern in the set.  Sitting hunched over crocheting something only slightly larger than a ping pong ball really brings home the need to take a break and sit up straight for a few minutes, so even though I'm not done with the owl, I took its picture and I'm going to put it on here for you to see.  This is not the best owl in the flock but it's an ingenious pattern and not difficult once you get the hang of the designer's thought process.  Oh, and it's from England and they use different names for their crochet stitches than Americans do so that accounted for the first start-over, but I managed.  I think the mole is next.

Sticking with the bird theme, Durwood called out that a hawk was on the birdbath this morning and, by golly, he was right.  It even stayed there long enough for me to take its picture.  Thanks, hawk.

I finished Owl Puff #4 (which may or may not be Sarah) yesterday. so more birds and did you notice that even though I said I was so over knitting owls I plunged right into crocheting another one?  Even I don't understand myself.

After finishing the owl puff I cast on, knitted, and finished a mini-washcloth using the same pattern as the big one I made last week.  The more I look at it the more I think if I make another one I'll add a tenth point.  Anyway, you can guess whose play kitchen it's for.


This morning most of the snow was gone but all day there has been this icy patch in the birdbath.  Cold is definitely here.

Once again I just flopped into bed and went to sleep.  Maybe I'll have enough brains left to write one day soon.  God, I hate having a cold.

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Aunt B said...

That tiny owl could be anything but I'll take your word for it that it's an owl. The other one looks more owl-like to me. Hope your cold isn't get the best of you. Just rest -- if that's possible!