Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hang In There, Petunia

It's November 17th (I know it is, I double checked) and my one little petunia is still alive and still blooming.  From weather rumors I'm hearing that might all be over tomorrow and Saturday.  Saturday, for sure, since it's supposed to s-s-s-s-snow a little.  Eesh.  It said in the newspaper the other day that 2016 is on track to be the warmest year in Wisconsin history but evidently Mother Nature doesn't read the Press-Gazette so there are little blue flake icons on the weather map for Saturday.  Of course, Saturday is the day that I'm going away for an overnight and thought I might take a walk along a river or in a woods.  Maybe I'll get some hot chocolate and hide out in my motel room or find a hospitable cafe where I can hunker down with a good book or my knitting or something.  Every once in a while I need a day when I don't think of anyone but myself or no one calls my name and Saturday's it.

The sunrise colors this morning were glorious.  I feel so lucky to be out there to witness that fleeting burst of color.  The single sign that the year is progressing is the fact that in order to get the best view I had to go out the front door instead of the back door which means the Earth is tilting our hemisphere away from the sun for a couple months, a couple cold and snowy months, before the light starts coming back and drags the warmth with it.

I know you're going to find it hard to believe but this random assemblage of hexagons will, with a single fold and a little creative sewing, become a Christmas stocking.  With any luck that'll happen today so I can show it off at Knitting Guild tonight.  The other thing I'm hoping to finish today is Anklet #4.  I've got about 5 more rounds of foot before it's time to toe and I might just get that done too if it isn't too busy at work.  I'm not really wishing customers away, I'm totally willing to put down my needles, paste a welcoming smile on my face, and sell something or even make someone feel so welcome that they'll buy something next time.  I understand that I work at a store and the purpose of a store is to provide people with things to buy and someone has to work the cash register and at Aqua Center that someone is me, at least a couple days a week anyway.  So come distract me from my knitting and buy some snorkeling or diving stuff today, okay?

November 17--Write of something done in a small moment.  The corner of the photo caught my eye.  It poked out between the pages of a dull green book in the dollar pile at the thrift store.  I always looked at the old books hoping to find a forgotten first edition or the autograph of some famous author.  Most of the time I found movie ticket stubs or pieces of junk mail used as a bookmark.  This time I found a photograph of a woman and child on a beach.

I don't know.  I'm not happy with using those prompts and I'll try using an Archetype card again but neither one of them is sparking much in the way of a story.  Maybe it's me...

Tonight I've got Knitting Guild after work so I've got my baggie of finished projects to show & share and I even remembered to dig out my nametag.  I usually forget it.  You enjoy your day and I'll do my best to enjoy mine.

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Aunt B said...

Both your knitting projects look like puzzles to me but I'm confident you can turn them into a stocking and a sock. Pretty sunrise. Maybe that's to compensate for possible snow this weekend. Eeekkk!