Monday, November 21, 2016

Not Much to Report

My life gets smaller and smaller when I feel as cruddy as I do right now.  Yesterday I lolled on the couch crocheting that owl, and putting on the second wing as soon as I was done blogging.  Then I plunged right into the mole.  I think I should have made the owl in the pale gray and the mole in the darker gray but it's too late to go back now, well, I'm not going back now which amounts to the same thing.  The mole has a separate head and body so I can run all the tails from the eyes and little pink nose out the bottom of the head and then tuck them into the body when I join them.  Neat and tidy.

It stayed close to freezing all day and all night so there's still about a third of the birdbath that's frozen.  It's hard to realize that it was 67 degrees on Friday afternoon and since then the temperature hasn't gotten above 37 degrees day or night.  This is a very interesting world we live in.

The only other thing I did was grill out a NY Strip steak I bought at the grocery on Saturday.  Durwood realized that they had a special on that steak, 10 oz. for $6, and Saturday was the last day so I dragged myself out for some.  Couldn't pass it up.  Happily it's in this week's ad too so I'll be tootling over later to get a couple more for the freezer.  Didn't take a picture but, trust me, it was good.  Well, it looked good and Durwood said it was good because I could only tell the temperature and texture of the meat, couldn't taste it at all.  Thanks, cold virus, you're a real pal.

Still haven't written.  All this snotting and coughing's making me tired.  Stay far away from me.  It's for the best.  Happy Monday.

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Aunt B said...

Along with your cold, I think you have a bad case of the blahs. But then, those two conditions do go together. Glad you could get out and snag the steak bargain. Feed a cold..... Well, you know the drill.