Saturday, November 12, 2016


Last night at Friday Night Knitting I crocheted two strips of bacon and the second slice of "multi-grain" bread for the BLT.  Using a one size smaller hook made the bacon a bit smaller too, not a lot smaller, but somehow it's more pleasing to me.

Once the sandwich was done my brain started wondering what the next play food I could make would be but then I remembered that I had the idea to make little stuffed animals to go along with the storybook, The Mitten, for some grandbabies for Christmas.  The thought that kept niggling at me was that I don't (don'tdon'tdon't) want to have to buy big skeins of yarn in the colors I need to make a mole, rabbit, hedgehog, owl, badger, fox, bear, and mouse.  I knew that I had some of the yarn I need but not all of it.  Then I went to Walmart this morning for wiper blades, had to cruise the Clearance aisle which is right next to the yarn aisle.  There on the end cap of the yarn aisle, on the end away from the center, was a display of something called Lion DIYarn, little 1 oz. skeins of worsted yarn for small craft projects and they were EIGHTY-EIGHT CENTS apiece.  *clears throat*  Sorry for yelling but I was tickled to find exactly what I was wishing for and so cheaply.  I knew I had white and probably black, maybe even brown, and there might be some gray but for $.88 a skein I threw caution to the winds and got everything but white.  It'll be almost as much fun to make little stuffed animals as it is to make play food.  Almost.  I still plan to make that apple pie one of these days, soon even.  And a couple more slices of bread for the BLT, just for variety.

It is a sign that the W season's on the way that yesterday was time to install the heater in the birdbath and, let me tell you, that water was cold.  I even waited until later in the day to give it time to warm up a bit in the sun but evidently the heat part of yesterday's sun was turned off because it sure as heck didn't warm that water up.  Now all I have to do is make sure there's enough water to cover the heating element and we're good.

I'm really looking forward to making supper tonight.  I found a recipe for Spanish grilled Cornish hen in a WW cookbook and the cool thing is that after you skin the little bird, you cut along its spine and flatten it so it cooks evenly.  It's called spatchcocking which I think sounds more than a little naughty but it just means flattening it out.  I got it all flattened after knitting last night and tucked into the fridge in its zipper bag of lemon, olive oil, cumin, paprika, and garlic marinade.  I'll cook it on the grill.  I'll grill out as long as I can until it's too cold or too snowy.  Aldi had butternut squash for $.99 each and winter squash doesn't count as a starch in this version of WW so we'll have squash with it along with fresh asparagus.  I'll remember to take a picture of it before we devour it.  Don't let me forget.

November 12--This is what can happen when _____.  It happens every time.  I plan my day so carefully as I'm waking up and almost before I'm up, the plan's shot to hell.  Take today.  I was lying there, all warm and cozy, not quite ready to start the day, when my phone rang.  My cellphone, not the landline.  I could ignore the landline, especially this close to the election, but only a few people always call my cell.  I usually want to talk to them so I rolled out, unplugged the charger, and swiped the green dot to answer.  It was my neighbor calling to say that she was stuck in the boonies with a flat tire and could I come.  I didn't even know she knew my cell number.  I groaned inside and asked for directions, got dressed, and left without coffee or anything to eat.  There went my relaxing day.

Good.  Writing.  Not especially good writing but at least I wrote.  That's something.  Maybe going back to the beginning of my life of prompt writing (until the first of 2017 when I'll open the Art Gallery Page-a-day I ordered) will help get me back on track.  I think I'll go make a yarn mole...

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Aunt B said...

It's almost like a miracle when you find exactly what you want ON SALE. Like it was all laid out there just for you. Of course you bought it all. It would have been rude not to. Like refusing a gift or something. So hallelujah moment in Walmart. That place is like it's own world with everything you need or want in there somewhere. The BLT sandwich pieces look so cute and perfect. You're a clever girl.