Thursday, November 10, 2016

I'm Crocheting A Sandwich

I was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog (it's my favorite) and she's knitting tiny toys and ornaments for an Advent calendar for someone small and beloved and one of the patterns she linked to is for a gingerbread man.  LC loves the story of the Gingerbread Man (run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man... remember?) so I saved the pattern in my Toys "favorites" file on Ravelry.  Then I perused the gingerbread men that other people had made and one had some modifications to the pattern so I copied and pasted them into my file.  While I was in there I looked at the other things I'd saved and there was a free pattern for a BLT with crocheted bread slices (in white, wheat, and multi-grain), bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes.  I had to make it.  HAD TO.  So I scrounged around in my cotton yarns and didn't have any decent browns for breads or bacon.  That necessitated an 8 PM trip to Jo-Ann's where I found things that would suffice but stopped at Michaels on my way home and found exactly what I wanted.  Naturally I had to make a piece of bacon immediately.  I like it but I think I'll go down a hook size for the next one and the slice of bread seems proportionately small, although you make a second piece just like this and crochet them together to make the crust so I'll reserve judgement until after the whole thing's done.  I've saved the pattern for a 2-crust apple pie that looks like tons of fun too.  That might be next.  I feel a food crocheting jag coming on.

BUT I did work on OJ's Christmas stocking hexagons at work yesterday--until I ran out of white yarn in mid-#14.  After I got done scrounging cotton yarns for sandwich making, I got out some more white yarn so I'll finish the last 2 1/2 hexagons today.  Cross my heart.  I will resist the BLT temptation until after the hexes are done.  Promise.

I turned my alarm off this morning instead of hitting snooze.  Uh-oh.  Happily I woke at about 7:25 so I had time to yoga, shower, and eat.  Now I'm going to finish this, throw on some clothes, and get off to work because I didn't write last night, instead I made bacon and half a slice of bread.

Off to keep the world safe from SCUBA diving.

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Aunt B said...

Amazing the things that can be knitted!