Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

... yesterday.  Did you have a fun, family day?  Did you eat your weight in turkey, stuffing, and pie?  Did Uncle Louie tell the same boring stories he's been telling for the last umpty-million years?  Did Aunt Mable tell him to "shut up, Louie, nobody wants to hear about that again"?  Yeah, here neither.

Due to the virulence of my cold we elected to keep my virus-riddled self at home so we missed being in the bosom of family but we didn't miss out on the opportunity to overeat.  Week before last Durwood asked me to roast the turkey breast we had in the freezer so we could have leftovers so we just added a bit to it--a couple turkey thighs, cornbread sausage stuffing, gravy, baked Butternut squash, homemade cranberry sauce, and Brussels sprouts, with pumpkin pie and Cool Whip for dessert.  Just a little nosh.  It didn't sound like much work when we were talking about it but, even with making the cornbread and cranberries the night before, it was quite a bit of cooking.  But so worth it.  We had a lovely supper and have quality leftovers that will last into next week with some fresh vegetable augmentation.

After supper I sat with my feet up and my hands idle while watching HGTV.  Didn't knit.  Didn't crochet.  But I couldn't post without some yarny goodness so here's a full frontal view of the Mitten Fox reaching out to hug you all.  Aw.


Look at the way the avocado is growing.  It's shot up at least 6" since I potted it a couple weeks ago and there are three little leaflets peeling back from the terminal bud.  Cool.

Saw the osteopath this morning and he said that my ankle is doing great, better than he expected, so I have one more appointment in a month and if I'm feeling good I can cancel it.  Hooray!  Of course, his tender ministrations made my heel and ankle ache but he did gently wrench it around and pressed on sore spots.  I know it'll feel a whole lot better in a day or so.  I'm thrilled.

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