Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The sun did come up today.  I wasn't sure it would but it did and it was pretty.

Yesterday was busy but nothing photo worthy.  I did manage to knit some on the anklet heel in the evening while icing my ankle.

This morning a Downy Woodpecker came to the suet feeder and just as I depressed the shutter button she zipped around to the other side.  If you look very carefully you can see her stripes on the left side of the feeder.  Really, there's a bird there.

November 9--Scott T. Smith, Hiking Couple.  Rachel and Gabe stood on top of Sunset Rock looking over the valley that was so filled with trees that it looked like a bowl of broccoli.  The climb had been long but only the last mile or so had been hard enough to make Rachel wish she had eaten fewer Big Macs over the summer.  Gabe fared better or was better at pretending he wasn't struggling.  She was glad to slip off her backpack and feel the cool mountain air on her sweaty back.  She sat down and pulled out the topographical map.  Gabe crouched next to her and as he did the rock started shaking.  Rachel dropped the map and braced her hands on either side of her hips.  Her backpack started sliding away, she made a grab for it but it slid over the edge and fell.  "Gabe?" she said.  "Hold on," he said as he flung his arms and legs around her from behind just as the huge rock tipped forward and began to slide after her pack.

Did I remember to tell you that when I saw the orthopedist on Monday he told me to go away and not come back--unless I was having a problem?  He said it takes about a year to feel normal and 2 years before you forget which ankle you broke.  I seriously doubt that I'll forget that but I am looking forward to not having that small, constant, attention-getting ache at the end of my left leg.  Keeping up with my yoga and exercises to hurry things along.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, in spite of the incredible election result, the sun did come up. Life goes on and who knows, maybe our new President will really and truly do something great. It could happen!