Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Better Moon Shot

I know I don't live in a place to get the distorted supersize view of the moon but last night when I took out the trash I think I might have gotten the best view.  I was sure that the moon would be obscured by clouds since it was overcast all day but Mother Nature came through at the last minute.  She thinned and separated the clouds just enough for the big ol' moon to be veiled by clouds and tangled in bare tree branches.  Now that's a moon shot.

I knitted some on Anklet #4 but I fell prey to the idea of knitting another of those round scalloped dishcloths like I made last week.  Or maybe it was the week before, I don't know, time passes so quickly these days, but anyway this brown variegated cotton yarn is some I bought as a possible substitute for the one I really wanted to crochet the bacon with and felt compelled to use some of it, especially since the color name is "chocolate dream" and I'm always in favor of anything chocolate.  I still haven't sewn the hexagons together but I swear, double swear, pinkie swear I WILL lay them out as soon as I get to work today (when there are no customers) and get that project finished, finito, finis, and done.

In the bird world, a Downy Woodpecker landed on a crook yesterday and I was sure she'd take a Slinky ride before settling down on the suet but she didn't.  This morning a Cardinal came, landed in a ray of sunshine on the platform feeder next to a House Finch and, just as I depressed the shutter button, flew away.  So this is a picture of a House Finch next to where there used to be a Cardinal.  You can totally imagine it, right?  I thought so.

November 16--Magician/Wizard.  Pearl white light glowed through the round window in Elaine's parlor.  The stones that framed the opening looked iridescent in the light.  She had knitted a curtain with very thin yarn in a pattern that looked like rising bubbles.  Shelly sorted through the objects on the table by the window.  Pieces of tumbled sea glass, crystals, smooth shells, slices of minerals that looked like petrified wood were jumbled in an old reed basket.  Dried herbs lent a spicy, dusty fragrance to the area.  "Are you drawn to one thing in particular?" Elaine asked.  Shelly pulled her hand away as if she'd touched something hot.  "No," she lied, "why would I be?"

Today I've got a chiro appointment before work and a haircut appointment after work.  Don't ask me why I can't do all this stuff on my days off, I can't figure it out either, so I'd better get my tilly in motion and book it outta here.

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Aunt B said...

You did get a wonderful moon shot. It could be on the cover of a mystery book. Sad to say we never saw it down here. The clouds in our part of the world did not cooperate.