Friday, November 18, 2016

Wanna Know How Warm It's Been?

We have had unseasonably warm weather all year so far and November is turning out to be no exception.  I went out in the 64 degree warmth earlier to rake the last of the leaves off the front lawn and drag them on a tarp to dump on my neighbors' leaf pile, my reasoning being that they're more apt to come pick up a big pile of leaves than a lot of little ones.  As I was raking the last few leaves I spied a bright yellow splotch, moved a tangle of maple leaves to see a bright, shiny dandelion bloom.  That's how warm it's been.  Things are going to change in a big fat hurry though.  The temperature's supposed to claw its way to around 40 for the next couple days with wind, spitting rain, and maybe a little snow flurries as a bonus.  Yippee.  I just checked the Old Faithful cam from Yellowstone and the ground is snow-covered so I guess winter's on its way.  It could stay warm-ish, I wouldn't mind.

I put my nose to the grindstone yesterday and finished Anklet #4 and OJ's Christmas stocking.  It took most of the day to finish the foot and toe of the sock but only about half an hour to sew up the last stocking seam, then crochet and attach the hanging loop.  (see, I told you that odd arrangement of hexagons would turn into a stocking)  For mindless knitting while listening to a yarn shop owner giving the program talk about reading yarn labels and the different fibers at Guild last night, I had my Chocolate Dream Dishcloth to work on.  I got all but one "point" done last night so I could sit and finish it this morning.  Now I have to find something else to work on but, not to worry, LC told me the other day that the big Owl Puff I thought was Sarah is actually the Owl Mother so I need to knit another, smaller owl to be Sarah.  I'm so glad that she's around to tell me important things like that.

All day yesterday I was chilled, couldn't get warm, and then at Guild my cheeks felt flushed.  By the time I got home I had the chills so I plugged in my side of the electric blanket, told Durwood not to sleep with germy me, and went to bed.  I'm feeling a bit better this morning, going out in the nice weather to rake leaves helped a lot, but I'm taking Zycam religiously to try to fend off a cold or whatever this is that's trying to invade my person.  Maybe it's just the big weather change coming?  Fingers crossed.  Which is a long-winded way to say that I didn't write last night.  I did my ankle exercises but didn't write.  Maybe tonight.

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Aunt B said...

That dishcloth is too pretty to be a mere dishcloth. Hope the Zicam works for you. We're having our last warm day today so we're braced for wintertime too.