Saturday, July 2, 2016

To Frog or Not To Frog

I got to the cuff of the Autumn Cumulus sock last night at Friday Night Knitting and then hit a direction I wasn't familiar with so I picked it up this afternoon at home where the book with the directions is.  It was only after I finished the left side of the cuff that I realized that I got one stitch off on about Row 6 of 15.  If you squint at it, it looks okay.  If you spread it out and really peer it at you can see that the ridges shift to the left one stitch.  *sigh*  I really don't want to rip it out and start over, I really don't.  As I was taking this picture I thought, "if I wore this on my right foot this would be on the inside of my leg and no one would notice it" then I thought "if I cross my leg and my pants ride up this side will be out there for everyone to see so I'd better wear it on the left leg."  To frog or not to frog, that is the question.

In the meantime, I cast on and knitted the I-cord hanger and the cuff of the first Advent Garland mitten.  I saw this pattern a month ago or so and thought it'd be a fun thing to do.  Then I found a Christmas crochet book at Goodwill (for 99 cents) that has a mitten and sock Advent Garland so I thought I'd try my hand at a knitted mitten and then crochet a mitten and sock to see about making a melange of yarn craftiness.  (I also have the three "training" socks I made to teach sock knitting at Guild so I've decided that means I'm three stockings ahead of the game--and if I can find the first one I made, with DD's patient coaching, that'll be 4 socks on the plus side.)  Full disclosure: this might be ready for Advent 2017, probably not for Advent 2016.  Good thing 2/3 of my grandchildren are kind of too little for Advent-ing.  (But then I also just realized that I've got two new grandsons who need full size Christmas stockings this year... on your mark, get set, crochet--because I'm faster at crocheting and I found the pattern I made DS's stocking with the year he was born and plan to use that one because I love it and I want to.)

The celery is rocketing on and there are a few roots snaking out around the edges of the bottom which means I'll be digging out a pot one of these days so that it can have its own home with soil and fertilizer and everything good.

The sky was just gorgeous when I drove across the Mason St. bridge on my way home from work on Wednesday.  I'm very glad that I can snap a few pictures without slamming into the median or other drivers.  It helps that I set the cruise control for a few mph over the speed limit so most of the drivers speed by me leaving me alone to take a couple snaps.

July 2--David Lissy, Skier.  "Not on your life."  Carole stood next to the ski lift, a slight figure in sea green ski clothes.  She leaned on her poles looking down the slope that was dotted with boulders sticking out of the snow and groves of pine trees.  "It's the only way down," Gary said.  "You lied to me.  This isn't a beginner's slope."  He heard the quiver of fear in her voice and was almost sorry he had bent the truth to get her up there.  "No, it isn't but I knew you'd never have come up otherwise.  All you have to do is follow me.  I'll go slow."  She watched families get off the lift and some of the kids were pretty small.  If they could do it, she could too.  "Okay, but go slow."  He grinned his daredevil smile and took off straight down the mountain.

What a jerk.  I hope he runs into a boulder.  Hey, I did yoga again this morning.  Woohoo!  It feels great.  What didn't feel great was strapping on the air cast afterward.  When we got home from meeting friends for brunch and doing a couple errands, I iced my ankle and heel (which was the part that objected most to the cast).  Then when I did another errand later this afternoon I left off the air cast, put a sock on over the Ace bandage, dug out a pair of regular shoes and it felt great.  I see the doc next week and I'm hoping that he'll say I can chuck the air cast.  Fingers crossed.  I won't give up my PT exercises he gave me or stop icing it at least once a day but I'd like to quit with the cast already.

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