Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Little Knitting, A Little Shopping, A Little Music

That was yesterday.

I met KS at the Bluefront Cafe in Sturgeon Bay where we each had a curried chicken salad sandwich and, may I say, it was to. die. for.  I didn't take a picture, I was too busy eating and talking and laughing.

Then we adjourned to the local yarn shop, Spin, where we made small inroads in the bins of 40% off yarn.  Small inroads, really, neither of us spent the rent, but we got good stuff.  The best of the stuff remaining, IMHO.  I found a couple skeins of some cotton yarn I have other colors of for making extra-fancy washcloths (these are too pretty to be called "warshrags"), three colors of marled Rowan Cotton Jeans yarn because I'm all about cotton and dishcloths right now, and two different skeins of superwash wool that's super soft and a lot for the money.  One skein is more blue than I'm really a fan of but it was the last one and, well, I couldn't leave it there to be an orphan. (rationalize much?)  I'm thinking I'll make it into a sock.  The other skein is more my colors--orange and purple--that will make a pretty scarf, mitts or shawlette.  (somebody on a blog I read calls those little shawls "neck napkins" and I think that's a pretty apt name)

Once we'd made our selections (but before paying for them) we sat at the table in the middle of the store and knitted while considering which skeins got to come home with us.  I worked on reknitting back into the Black Bean shawl the yarn that I'd ripped out on Friday night and making sure that I did the right "slip"-ing and didn't forget a yarn over (yo)--with moderate success.  We visited with the woman working in the shop and met another pair of knitters that we had a nice chat and knit with.  It's amazing how sharing such a quiet hobby connects you with so many interesting and friendly people.

KS wanted to go to the quilt fabric store in downtown Sturgeon Bay before it closed so I followed her there, just to keep her company, you understand.  We found parking places together a few stores down from the quilt store so we window shopped our way down to it.  At the very first store next to where we parked there was a table with a few pairs of shoes on it outside in the entryway.  I immediately gravitated to the pair of rainbow flats and picked one up.  It was made out of elastic on a molded base, was marked down to $29 from $70, and was size 41.  It was calling my name so I went inside to ask what a size 41 is in American only to be told that it's a size 10.  I wear size 10.  Isn't that lucky?  I tried it on and loved the way it felt.  I took my orthotic out of my tennis shoe; it didn't fit.  I sat there for a minute, disappointed, but I rallied, realizing that I have an old, shorter pair of orthotics at home and that I didn't have to wear them all the time.  So I bought the shoes.  Besides they have a silver thread through the black elastics so they sparkle.

After supper, I wore my new shoes (without any orthotics *gasp* how daring), my black leggings, and a swing cardigan to Stone Harbor resort a few miles from here to listen to my diving friend, KC's band, Charisma, play.  I only stayed for one set, about an hour, but it was fun to be out and about after dark and feeling like I looked slightly better than usual.  (sorry the photo is blurry; I think the phone focused on the chair in front of me.)

I didn't write, didn't watch TV, just read a bit and hit the hay.  This morning I'm lolling in the room but I think I'll find a shady spot along the bay or the ship canal to have a picnic lunch and then knit, read, nap, or all three.  Bye.

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Aunt B said...

What a nice weekend you had. And yes, those shoes definitely called your name. You'd be so mad at yourself tomorrow if you'd passed them by!