Friday, July 22, 2016

Hot & Muggy & Muggy & Hot

Did I mention that it's muggy?  And hot?  Also steamy and broiling.  According to my dashboard thermometer this afternoon it was 100 degrees.  I don't think it really was, probably in the mid-90s but seeing that "100" there in green numbers made me think "hey, I got 100% today" like a doofus.  Must have been the heat... or the humidity.

I finished the July Preemie Hat #4 at work yesterday.  It's so tiny, it looks like a Christmas ornament, in fact that's what a couple of the knitters at Guild thought it was.  (it was sprinkling rain so we met in the church basement instead of in the park, thank heavens.)  Today I bagged up all four July hats and dropped them off at the Information Desk at the local hospital with a NICU where one of the Guild members works. 

Speaking of Guild, the clouds looked amazing when I drove home last night so I pulled into the parking lot behind our house where I've got a more unobstructed view.  It looked even cooler than this but I hope you get the idea.

The one surviving nasturtium is thriving, I even remember to water it when I water the tomatoes just about every day.  Fingers crossed that these three lily buds open up soon before any rampaging chipmunk takes it into its head to scale the stalk and nibble the buds.

July 22--Skip Gandy, Fisherman.  Lena sat in the shadow of the sea grape watching the fisherman.  He gathered the net, coiled his body, and then cast the net into the sea.  The weighted edge spread and dropped into the shallow water to trap bait fish.  The sun set while he fished, his bronze body silhouetted against the flaming sky.  Golden droplets flew from his hands as they worked.  Lena wanted to fish, she knew she could throw the net and learn to take fish back to the village.

Lame.  Lame, lame, lame.  I blame the heat.  The humidity too.  You'd think that it wouldn't matter since I'm closed in an air conditioned house but it does.  I think I'll go rifle the downstairs freezer to see what meat I can thaw out to put on the grill tomorrow.  Our favorite parking lot produce grower, Sunny Hill Farms started selling sweet corn the other day and I might have bought a few ears for us to eat tomorrow.  We'll need grilled meat to go with it, don't you think?  Nighty-night.

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Aunt B said...

Those little preemie hats are so adorable. Perfect for someone's adorable baby.