Saturday, July 9, 2016

Orange It Is

Aunt B voted for an orange stripe in the preemie hat so it can go to a tiny Miami Dolphins fan.  Can you tell which NFL team is her first love?  (Anybody else love Bob Griese?  Not like she does... maybe his mom... I'm just saying.)  I got a good amount of rounds done so I'll grab the skein of peachy orange and put in a few rounds of stripe in Aunt B's honor because today is her birthday.  Happy Birthday to my beloved Aunt B from her devoted namesake.  I love you more'n my luggage.

If these daisies and bee balm would bloom all summer, I'd be very happy.  Wouldn't you just love to open the curtains in the morning to see these glowing white and red flowers?  It's like a fireworks display right in my own backyard.

Not to be outdone, the daylilies are flying their orange flowers like flags.  Mixed in with them are a few surviving milkweed plants and there are a few new ones sprinkled around in that bare area.  Maybe I need more seeds...  Maybe Stein's has some plants...

Last night when I reached to draw the bedroom shade I saw the crescent moon in the clear blue-black sky with Venus hovering like a guardian above it.  I took my new (pawn shop) camera out there, turned off the flash and got a wonderful picture.  Exactly what I wanted.  I darkened it just a bit but this is mostly how it started out.  After talking to my pal MW I stopped at the pawn shop yesterday with my receipt, camera, and the part number of the charger to ask if they might have one rattling around somewhere and, lo and behold, they did--and I didn't even have to pay for it.  Now all I have to do is find out if I can return the one I ordered on eBay that's on its way, even if I can't it was only ten bucks and had free shipping so I'm not out too much.

In the "if you knit on it, it gets longer" department, I knitted on Sudoku Strip #4 during Friday Night Knitting last night.  It's a quick, easy knit but it's so freaking boring I find myself shoving it aside for other, more interesting knits.  A few more inches and I can assemble the second of three panels.  I suspect this will be done in time to be my shroud.  If that's the case, don't for god's sake send it through the crematorium oven with me, kids, get it cleaned and donate it somewhere.  It's taking too darned long to make to just burn up.

July 9--Russ Gutshall, Family Hiking.  The road dwindled to a trail through the meadow alive with waving grasses and dotted with wildflowers then, when the bushes crowding the trail blended into the woods, the way became a narrow path that twisted around the close-growing trees.  It was a relief to move from the hot sunshine beating down as they crossed the meadow into the damp cool of the forest shade.  The sudden loss of bright light made them blind and they stumbled a few steps until their eyes adjusted to the dimness.  The lilting birdsong of the open meadow faded as the buzz and croak of insects and frogs grew around them.  Maya reached for Dan's hand.  "Are you sure this is the right way?  I feel like we've stepped into a Grimm's fairy tale."  Dan nodded and waved his phone at her.  "This is where the GPS says to go, so it must be the right way."  It wasn't long before "lions and tigers and bears, oh my" was running through her mind in time with their footsteps.

Today my friend JM is marrying her beloved MR in the backyard of their home.  It's looking like a glorious day for an outdoor wedding.  What shall I wear?  Hmm... the invitation says "semi-casual" but I suspect that what passes as dress clothes for me is everyone else's semi-casual.  Now, skirt or capris?  Probably skirt... I think...


Sue J said...

An orange stripe would look awesome on that hat, Barbara. Your garden is looking really pretty, love the day lilies. They grow on the side of the road here in NC. I had a laugh about the Sudoko knitting becoming your shroud. Maybe reward yourself with something interesting to knit after doing a few rows? That might help it become less painful! lol I

Aunt B said...

Thank you, honey, for the sweet birthday wishes. AND for agreeing that the preemie Dolphin fan hat is a good idea. You even remembered Bob Griese!! You're probably right -- only me, you and his mom recalling those glory days in Miami. Love those daises and the bee balm. Definitely makes rising and shining a little easier.