Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Sun is a Powerful Force

At the end of yesterday's post I thought about making sun tea so I nipped downstairs, grabbed a couple wide-mouth quart jars and lids, the decaf tea, and came up to assemble it.  I snapped off some chocolate mint to put into one jar and some apple mint for the other, then I dangled three tea bags in each one, filled it with cool water, screwed on the lids, and put them out on the patio table.  Fifteen minutes later when I came back into the kitchen after dressing this is what I saw.  When I got home after work the tea was mahogany colored and pretty darned good.  I think next time I'll put in another tea bag because it's a little weak when poured over ice but, all in all, I'm happy with the results.  I filled a water bottle halfway with tea before bed last night, laid it on an angle in the freezer, and will top it up with liquid tea before I leave for work.  That way I'll have cold, undiluted tea to drink at Knitting Guild this evening.  (don't worry, I'll figure out a way to keep it semi-frozen through the day)

I was busy enough at work yesterday that this little piddly bit is all I got done of July Preemie Hat #4--and it's the smallest size of all.  After supper I crocheted another stocking hexagon.  I confess that I haven't made one a day since last Friday but I hope to keep making them more frequently from now on.

I am happy to report that not all of the stargazer lilies died or got eaten after all.  One is just opening and has a bud.  The other lily has three buds on it.  Yay and Hooray also Hallelujah.

A few baby milkweeds have sprouted where I sprinkled the seeds from the Wildlife Sanctuary, and one has a pretty copper beetle on it.  Not a Japanese beetle.  Whew.

July 21--Skip Gandy, Regatta.  

like drowned rockets
sailboats chase each other
on the wind
up to the buoy
and back
they lean away
to catch the slightest edge
of speed
for bragging rights
and a tarnished
loving cup

We're having a thunderstorm.  It got so dark it looked like night and we just had one whale of a boomer.  Unfortunately the storm is not blowing in cooler weather, it's just pumping up the humidity.  This is why I'm wearing shorts and a tank top to work today.  I'm taking a denim shirt to wear in the well-air-conditioned store but it's just too hot and muggy for denim capris even indoors.  Stay cool.  Drink lots of water, Gatorade, or tea.

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Aunt B said...

Too hot down here as well. Paul may be having second thoughts about the move to South Florida. Good thing we have plenty of time. Love the pictures of the sun tea. Good job.