Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lilies & Yarniness

Two of the three stargazer lily buds have opened.  They're so pretty, aren't they?  It's still beastly hot and muggy.  I tried to fix the lawn sprinkler so I could easily water the grass seed I spread around last weekend but had no luck.  Oh, it came apart all right, it's the putting back together part I'm having trouble with.  I didn't reach the fling-it-at-the-wall level of frustration but I did reach the buy-another-one-for-now stage.  I'll be doing that tomorrow.

The other night I made a couple Christmas stocking hexagons.  I haven't woven in the tails yet and I will do that before I make another one.  Even though there are only 16 of them to make, 16 is too many to sit and weave in the tails if I leave it until the end.

Last night I finished the July Seamen's Cowl.  I really like the rust solid yarn with the green and rust variegated, and I still have plenty of the green variegated left to make a mitten and stocking for the Advent Garland.  Yay!

I've rejoined Weight Watchers and they have, once again, completely re-engineered their program which means that all of the recipes that I'd laboriously typed in last time have gone down the WW drain with the old PointsPlus program.  Grrr.  The most frustrating part was that their hotline person led me to believe if I reactivated my old account instead of opening a new one I'd have access to all of the stuff I'd put in before.  NOT.  They did give me 2 weeks free for my frustration, which is nice, but I'm back at square one nevertheless.  The other annoying thing is there isn't a printed program, it's all online.  Evidently everyone has a Smartphone so they can just put in foods and get the points right on there, no pesky paper book for Durwood to thumb through when he's planning supper.  We did order a couple cookbooks and a points calculator so help is on the way.  I hate being old and crabby about this, but I still like to hold a manual in my hand when I want to look stuff up.  We'll see if I'm happier on Monday (weigh in day) since I've been kind of hitting the program most of the week with a few random tangents.  The cool thing is that things like points for the Hardee's chicken strips I had on the way to Knitting Guild on Thursday are online as is the pizza we get every Tuesday and finish on Friday so that'll make it a lot easier to have a normal eating life.  (I'd like to say that I'm crabby, I've been crabby for about a week, so do not construe this rant as a slam on the WW program, it's me.  I'll adjust.)

July 23--Michael Kevin Daly, Golfer.  The ball disappeared as it rose, the dimpled white cloud behind it hiding it in plain sight like a magic trick.  Jean squinted into the distance watching for her ball to reappear.  She hoped it was somewhere on the fairway, in the middle would be good.  Just not in the rough or the sand trap, she prayed, or the water.  She heard a sound behind her and turned to find her ball rolling to a stop six feet behind where she had teed off.

This is exactly how I imagine things would go if I ever tried to play golf.  I think I'll go fling the laundry around.  Oh, I almost forgot, I got a phone call this morning and the young man on the other end said, "Hi, Grandma, I was in a car accident."  "Really?" I said, "that's funny because our grandson is 3 months old and can't talk much less drive or make phone calls.  You have the wrong number."  Now I'm sorry I didn't play along a bit before I told him to go pound sand.  Missed opportunity.

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Aunt B said...

I had one of those "Hi Grandma" calls about a year ago and fell for it. But only for a while. Sad thing is the story he told really could have been Michael. Luckily I called Nancy before I really went for it and sent money!! She confirmed I'd been scammed. Sad but true.