Wednesday, July 6, 2016

All Better

I saw the doc yesterday and he was mightily impressed with my progress.  He had me walk and he twisted my foot around, had me hold a position against his pressure, and pronounced me cane and cast free and back in regular shoes.  Yahoo!  I told him I've been focusing on not limping and he said that was the secret, to train your brain that you're better and you will be.  I knew that but I let him feel smarter and tell me.  I'm nice like that.  I'll still keep it wrapped or wear an elastic sleeve on it but essentially I'm healed.  I don't have to go back for 2 months.  That means that LC can come visit, parentless, for the first time in 3 months.  We're so glad because we've missed having her all to ourselves.

Life is hopping in the backyard.  There are baby tomatoes on all of the plants and a few blueberries are bluing nicely.  The daisies and bee balm are putting on a show and a hummingbird flew over to visit a few of the bee balms while I watered the blueberries last night.  I had my camera in my pocket but she was too quick for me.  That's okay, I saw her and that's what matters, that moment of wonder.  One of the chipmunks has laid claim to the dastardly step that broke my ankle.  It sits up there grooming, nibbling on seeds, or sprawls on its belly chilling out.  It's so very cute but I wish it would find someone else's plants to chomp on.

In indoor farm news, there're roots on the celery.  Look!  Time to find a pot.

Speaking of cameras, I got tired of the poor quality photos I'm getting with the refurbished Nikon I got a few months back so I went to the pawn shop and found a last year's model Canon for only $70, $50 cheaper than the lowest one I found online, so I bought it.  Of course it didn't come with the battery charger and won't charge with a USB cable so I had to go on eBay for a charger but I found one for ten bucks with free shipping so I bought it.  It should be here in a few days.  There's always something, isn't there?

Knitting's going well.  I was right thinking that the only way to get through the half-cuff ribbing on the Autumn Cumulus sock was to knit it all in one go without putting it down for any reason.  I plan to declare silence for an hour tonight and get the other side done, then I am confident that I'll be able to go around and around to finish the cuff without having to be in a soundproof booth since it won't involve short rows and going back and forth.

Yesterday I finished the Advent Garland knitted mitten #1 and plunged right into Advent Garland crocheted stocking #1.  All that's left to do is add the heel in the creamy white.  I think I'll go up a hook size for the next one, it seems a little stiff but then no one's going to wear it so I won't be frogging it.

July 6--John Henley, Fishing, Outer Banks, NC.  

Two figures, tall & small,
stand in the surf zone
rods in hands
hope in hearts.
Fishermen are made of hope
with some small measure of delusion
spicing the mix.
How else to explain
their patience
in the face of stolen baits
and empty creels?

I think sometimes I'd like to learn to fish.  Maybe someday my grandson, Aa, can teach me.  He's a fisherman.  I get to go to work today and to stop at Aldi for a few things on the way.  The oddest thing happened this morning, I opened the freezer intending to get some meatballs out for supper when Durwood said, "while you're in there grab those meatballs, they're looking a little icy..."  I started laughing and told him that was exactly what I was in there to get.  I got a jar of spaghetti sauce up from the basement and we agreed to make salads too, which is why I'm going to Aldi, they have grape tomatoes and mini cucumbers on special this week.  Blueberries too.  Yum, blueberries.  I might get a bunch so I can make a pie.  Hmm... *taps lips*  yes, we need a pie.  Tootle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

Yay! The long Barbara Malcolm nightmare is over. Don't ever ever break a bone again. Who knew it would take so long to heal? But you've been so diligent and faithful about resting and rehabbing. You deserve a 100% ankle -- in fact, you deserve two of them. Congrats!