Friday, July 15, 2016

His & Hers

Durwood called me at work yesterday afternoon to complain that we'd swatted so many flies over the weekend when we had "the big hatch" that the swatter was tearing and wouldn't kill a fly so I volunteered to swing into Dollar Tree on my way home to pick up a new one.  I found two.  His and hers.  His is a leopard print with a metal handle (remember all the metal flyswatter handles we untwisted for your wedding, DD?) and mine is yellow plastic with a big fake flower on one side of the swatter.  Hey, they were a buck each, we can afford to each have our own weapons in the fight against the invasion of the flies.

As I pulled into a parking place in front of the store I saw a cluster of colorful tents in the middle of the parking lot and remembered that the Military Ave. Business Association had started a Thursday night farmer's market.  It's small, only about a dozen stalls but I made out like a bandit.  I spent a total of $8.75 and got a lot of yellow squash (to make a zucchini and onion pie recipe I found), some sugar snap peas (because... SUGAR SNAP PEAS!), and 2 Georgia peaches.  The part of my purchases you don't see was an eggroll for Durwood and 2 crab rangoons for me, with duck sauce for dipping, for $2.25 which served as excellent appetizers before we threw together a big omelet with fresh veggies, fresh eggs, and lots of cheese for supper.  I want to be sure to email my thanks to the business association for the farmer's market.  They had a corner with hula hoops and sidewalk chalk for kids to play with while their grownups shopped and there was a porta potty.  Now if they only had a musician...

I finished Preemie Hat #2 yesterday at work.  Isn't it darling?  Some little dumpling's going to look like a flower fairy in it, I think.  Then I started the July version of the Seamen's Cowl.  I can't decide if I'm going to make a stripe of the rust solid on the other end or just knit with the green variegated until it's tall enough.  Since I'd like to knit an Advent Garland mitten from the green yarn I'll probably dig out the other skein of the rust and finish with that.  That must be why I'm counting the rounds of rust.  Seems like the decision's made.  And speaking of the Advent Garland, I unearthed the three training socks I made last winter to use teaching sock knitting at Guild and I found the very first sock I made with DD's help (lo, these many years ago) so all I need to do is crochet a loop for each one and I've got four more stockings for the garland.  Score!

You know how I keep saying that I have enough yarn for the rest of my life?  Well, I went to Joann's looking for a pattern to make a swimsuit bottom to go with LC's swim shirt, had one hell of a time finding a pattern and finally ended up with an infant size sundress and bloomers pattern I can work with, and while I was there I bought some yarn.  Yes, I did.  I know I keep saying that I don't need any more yarn but I've been wanting a skein of indigo cotton to make another doublethick dishcloth with and then there was this shiny stuff I saw that I think will be perfect for a Christmas stocking for someone I know.  Besides I had a "20% off your entire purchase" coupon and a "40% off any one regular priced item" coupon, PLUS a "40% off one item" Michaels coupon that Joann's accepted.  If those aren't reasons to buy yarn I don't know what is.  I'm a weak, weak woman.  *hangs head*

July 15--Harold Lee Miller, DS5-6-1-3.  It had been a long time since Henry had been in a locker room, much less in a gym.  He sat on the wooden bench, that had been polished by years of male behinds, with his elbows on his knees and wondered if he had the balls to leave the safety of the locker room and go out to face his fears.  Gym class had been a nightmare in high school.  He wasn't particularly athletic then and he was confident his abilities hadn't improved with age.  So how come he'd agree to join the Wednesday night basketball league?  "Hey, Hank," Eric's voice blasted through the half-open door, "you coming or not?"  Henry jumped, gripped his towel, and stood up to go out there and still suck at basketball.

This morning I sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee when a gorgeous goldfinch landed on the finch feeder.  I picked up my camera and by the time I had it turned on he'd fluttered to the top of a crook.  By the time I depressed the shutter button he was on the wing so this is what I got.  I kind of like it.

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Aunt B said...

All the pictures in today's blog are great. Love the goldfinch on the wing. And the preemie hat!! Too cute. You really scored at the farmer's market.