Sunday, July 3, 2016

Decision Made

I frogged the cuff.  I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving such a glaring booboo alone.  That sock will be examined by many a knitter and I would be constantly explaining my laxity in leaving the cuff ribbing shift mistake.  The hardest part of frogging was not losing any of the stitches held from previous scallops and I only dropped (but quickly caught) one purlwise slipped edge stitch.  Once I get potatoes on to boil for a half-batch of potato salad to go with our wieners on the grill tomorrow, I'll be buckling down to redo the left cuff without a pause in mid-cuffing.  (I think that's when I went astray--maybe)

I've got red and white in the yard but no blue quite yet.  The red daylilies down by the streetlight are blooming (I really need to weed that little area) and Dad's rose has some flowers perfuming the front of the house.  In back the bee balm and daisies are exploding in bloom but the blueberries haven't quite caught up.  There's the tiniest hint of blue on one berry but it's really hard to see.

I snuck across town and raided the henhouse, bribing "the grand-chickens" with a bag of bean ends, carrot peels, aged grapes, and some kale that had outlived its "best by" date, and coming home with one brown egg and one blue-green egg.  (Actually I had the chickens' owners' blessing but it's a lot more fun to raid a henhouse than say "they said I could collect eggs."  See?  Boring.)

July 3--David Lissy, Wild Dunes, SC.  The grass growing on the dunes bent nearly flat in the strong onshore wind.  The waves pounded their way up the shore, flinging white foam up to fly far inland.  Marnie huddled in a cleft of rock that forced the dunes to curve around it like embracing arms.  The wind blew sand to sting her cheeks and make her eyes water.  No one would find her there.  No one would come to the beach on a night like this one.  Soon the tide would come in and it would wash away her footprints.  They would be sorry when she wasn't around anymore.

It's a gorgeous day.  We went to Home Depot for some 40#-for-$10 charcoal and to Sam's for ALL of the vitamins (how come they all run out at the same time?).  Yesterday I went to the closest grocery, Copps, for some things.  They're resetting and rearranging the store and the discontinued items are on shelves in the pharmacy niche (where else?).  Of course I looked and I found this coffee--Decaf Librarian's Blend, a smooth chocolate base with a hint of lime sparkle--I bought some but didn't realize it was beans until I got it home, so I took it back this morning to grind it.  One of the things they took out of the store and haven't (and may not) put back is the coffee grinder.  If you sell coffee beans, don't you think you should have a grinder?  I do too.  Not everyone has a grinder at home.  I'm lucky that we do (DD called it "the Vv-vv thing) so I can make some of this oddball but intriguing sounding coffee soon.  Because if I like it I'll go back looking for more.  I know I'll like it because they always discontinue the stuff I like best.  It's the story of my life.

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Aunt B said...

Any coffee named "Intelligentsia" has got to make you even smarter than you already are. But those two flavors sound peculiar to me.