Monday, July 25, 2016

Making a Conscious Effort

... to drag myself into a better mood.  Because I got on the scale (Monday is Weigh-In Day chez moi) to discover that I've lost 9# in the last week.  Even if I subtract 2# for the clothes I was wearing when I got weighed in the doc's office last week, 7# is still a terrific number.  Even if I didn't stick to the plan perfectly, this is a triumph.  So I should feel better, right?  (sit up straight, open your eyes wide, pull yourself up by your bra straps, Barbara, you did good and ate well; eating like this is not a punishment, you even had ice cream and chocolate, just less of it, so grow up and get over yourself)

In other good news, a tomato is pinking up.  It's the first one that appeared on the bush tomato plant.  I noticed that it was just barely orange-y-pink last night when I was grilling out and this morning it's obvious that reddening is happening.  Durwood is ecstatic.

I think I killed the celery.  It was going great guns so I potted it and watered it (maybe too much) and it's puckering up and dying.  *sigh*  And things were going so well.  Guess I potted it too soon and most likely overwatered it. We'll try again.

But avocado pit #2 has totally split and sent out a root (sorry about the picture looking like it belongs in Gray's Anatomy or Ripley's Believe it or Not), and avocado pit #1 has cracked.  Those are very good things, right?  *nods firmly* Right.

When I set up the new sprinkler yesterday afternoon (which works great) I noticed a flower up by the retaining wall.  I thought it was a Morning Glory but after I lit the charcoal I went up there (the safe way so I didn't hurt my ankle) to discover a Petunia.  I wonder where it came from?  Well, I'm sure a Petunia seed got pooped there by a bird but I didn't think they'd grow from seed that quickly.  It's very pretty--white with a lilac splotch on it--I should probably move it so the lawn mowers don't mow it, although they're not mowing in that area because of the grass seed.  I'll leave it, I guess, until the seeds sprout and need mowing.

Yesterday I felt guilty that I hadn't knit since Friday Night so I cast on Sudoku Strip #5, mostly because Aunt B hinted that I should get the damned thing done so I can move on, kick that project off the top of the guilt-making list.  She's very smart.  Thanks for the boot to the behind--and needles, Aunt B.  (I don't know why this picture is sideways; I've tried to fix it but had no luck.)

July 25--Michael Kevin Daly, Skier.  

White powder,
blue sky,
dry snow,
crisp air
cold enough to freeze your nose
seems far away
from today's muggy heat.
I say I won't complain
when the pendulum's swung
the other way
but I always do. 

Yep, every mid-winter I swear I won't complain when it's hot and every mid-summer I swear I won't complain when it's cold but I always do.  Always.  I'm predictable that way.  The weather-guesser lady said last night that it'll be cooler and less muggy by midweek.  I hope she's right for once.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

It is sooooo hard to will yourself out of a bad mood. But I know you can do it. Just looking at that ripening tomato OR that darling little rattle-shaker who appeared on FB should help. And cooler weather too.