Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Breakfast Is Saved

A few days ago Durwood ate the last homemade frozen waffle and a few days before that the last breakfast burrito went.  That meant he had to think about what to eat when he got up.  Horrors.  Well, I got a dozen eggs for 38 cents, had some breakfast sausage in the freezer, bought a 20 pack of flour tortillas (because the last batch was made with mistakenly-bought white corn tortillas--tasty but they broke apart when eaten), and Durwood had gotten a bunch of cheese on a "twofer" deal.  We had all the ingredients in-house, plus that appetizing green Reynolds Wrap, so last night after supper I made 16 breakfast burritos.  Durwood tried to dissuade me from doing it in the evening but I timed myself and with frozen diced bell peppers and having him dice the onion, it only took an hour from start to finish.  Piece of cake.  Tonight I plan to try out the new, non-Belgian waffle iron I got at Walmart last weekend so he'll have a bag of frozen waffles too.  I know it sounds like a lot of work for something we can buy but I'm convinced that the things I make for the freezer are much healthier (and I know they have less salt), less expensive per serving, and tastier than the stuff that comes out of a box.  Plus it makes me feel like I'm taking real good care of him.

(Okay, got my week's lunches put together so I don't forget them.)

Lots is going on outside these days.  The sun's coming up a little later (boo!) but that means it's still behind the big tree in back so I can take pretty early morning pictures like this (yay!).  

We saw what we think is an Orchard Oriole at the jelly yesterday.  I didn't have time to look in a bird book yet but I think that's what it is. 

Durwood's first tomato is reddening fast.  It won't surprise me if he gets to eat it before the weekend's over.  

The Stargazer Lily's still blooming, not gazing at the stars because the three big blossoms are too heavy for the spindly stalk but I still think they're gorgeous and, boy, do they smell great.  

There's a dark and shiny bead-thing on the Lantana.  I don't know what it is.  Any gardeners out there have a clue?  

We saw a hummingbird visit a couple times yesterday so Durwood made some fresh birdie juice, a double batch, so the feeder's nice and full for any future visits.  And there's an adolescent bunny frequenting the weeds growing between the patio stones.  Plus the marauding squirrels and the veritable horde of chipmunks that dine on everything no matter how high it's hung.

No knitting.  Maybe tomorrow.

July 27 (already)--Michael Kevin Daly, Kayaker.  Gail watched the foamy white water get closer to the bow of her kayak.  She knew that the water wasn't moving toward her, she was moving toward it but the roar of it echoing off the riverside rocks drowned out coherent thought.  What had the instructor said?  For a moment she couldn't remember if she was supposed to aim at the rocks or at the place between them.  She shook her head and let her body take the lead.  She cinched her PFD tighter and paddled like a madwoman for the narrow gap between the boulders that forced the fast-moving water aside.  In the space of one long breath she was through, spit out and down into the quiet water below the rapids.  All of a sudden she realized that she was grinning and hoping there would be more white water before the take out point.

I would love to learn to kayak, it looks like such a peaceful way to spend an afternoon on the water.  I'm feeling a lot happier and a lot more energetic.  That Monday talking-to must have done the trick.  Oh, probably making plans to be away on Saturday and Sunday nights ALL BY MYSELF helped too.  Since April 1 I haven't really been anywhere except home and work and I need the break.  I found a cheap room in a 1950s era motel in Sturgeon Bay and plan to just knit and chill for a couple days.  Ahhh, I can't wait.

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Aunt B said...

You have definitely earned some Ahhhh time. And Sturgeon Bay sounds perfect! Just making all those burritos deserves some kind of reward! Great pictures today -- as always.