Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quiet Times

Yesterday was another day that slid by almost without me noticing.  I called to make a couple appointments in the morning, did my yoga, then... what?  Oh, I blogged and then went on a couple errands.  Stopped at Rabideau's to make an oil change appointment for today, at Krider's, the local, non-chain pharmacy, I ordered another ankle wrap like the one I found there last week, went to Kwik Trip for milk, bananas, (the most important) donuts, and what we hope is the winning Powerball ticket tonight, then to Copps for a bag o'prescriptions, and a few items.  They're redoing the grocery store so they've moved things from where they've been for the last, oh, ten years so even some of the staff isn't quite sure where stuff is now.  It takes twice as long to shop and is twice as frustrating as usual.

We watched this robin take a bath.  They're so much fun to watch because they're so intent on getting every molecule of themselves soaking wet and squeaky clean.  It's a wonder they can fly away, they're so wet.

I finished July Preemie Hat #3 but didn't work on anything else.  Maybe I'll take that %$#& sock along when I get my oil changed and finish it once and for all.  That's a good plan.  I have too many projects on the go and it keeps me from getting anything done.  It doesn't help that most of the things I make are not singles so they're never ending which can be daunting.

July 19--Daniel Forster, #7.  

Murky green water hides
fire-scorched decking,
jagged hull ribs
sunk more than a century ago.
On a dark and stormy night,
a confused captain
ran her aground
on the rocky beach.
Cargo was salvaged,
the ship burned.
Populated by bass, rusty crayfish, and gobies,
visited by scuba divers,
she lives on.


There, that's my favorite shore dive in Door County.  Sunk in about 25 feet of water at its deepest, it was our go-to dive site when the kids were young and we went up every weekend to dive.  Going diving kept our kids talking to us when they were teens.  It was an underwater miracle.  Time to brush, dress and go get the car lubed.  See ya.

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Aunt B said...

When you finish that complicated sock, you should put it on and then stomp your foot. Be sure to put it on your non-broken ankle foot! And yes, the robin baths are always splash fests.