Thursday, July 14, 2016

First Harvest

Look!  Blueberries!  Not very many but this is a bountiful harvest considering my inability to do much this year and my complete lack of doing anything to them last year.

The tomatoes are coming along too.  The first one to ripen will be on the bush tomato, then the cherry tomatoes, and the celebrity tomatoes, I think.  I'm trying to be diligent about watering them since they are in pots on a patio so they're out there baking in the heat and humidity we've had lately and there's been a bit of rain to help.  (plants seem to like rain better than hose water, don't they?)  It's a bit cooler today and I hope the humidity goes too but I see in the paper that it's supposed to cool off for the weekend, just a bit, and then heat back up during the week.  I guess it is summer so I shouldn't complain, besides next winter I'll be craving weather like this.

Speaking of baking, it was a good idea to put the blueberry pie back into the oven the other night.  I probably could have left it in another 5 minutes or so but it sure tastes good.

I got July Preemie Hat #2 started and almost finished yesterday.  I ran out of the turquoise just as I got to the crown decreases so this hat will have a green top.  It'll look like a little flower.  (Those purple things are cheap hair ties I use to keep the stitches on the needles and the needles together when it's in the bag.)

The daisies and bee balm are still going strong, and there's one purple coneflower poking up at the far end.

July 14--Brian Hill, Row Single.  Glor sat on a flat boulder in the edge of the river, her knees drawn up to her chest.  The morning was cool and fog hung just a few feet above the surface of the water and clung in shreds to the weeping willows that lined the bank behind her.  Out of the featureless white downriver came the barest sound of oars and exertion.  Rowing sculls slid between the fog and the river, the oarsmen clad in bright striped jerseys moving as if a single unit.  From the coxswain the cadence carried like a whisper across the still water.

That's better.  A few more words and a nice little description, no action, but it's something.  I've got a way-back full of tanks that need to be dropped off on my way to work so I'd better finish this and get a move on.

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Aunt B said...

Love the daisies and bee balm. The lilies in my Happy Birthday bouquet are still so fragrant. The rest of the mixed arrangement have faded but the scent of those big white lilies lingers. Big windy storm blew through here yesterday. Thank goodness it didn't hang around for long. Blue skies and sunshine right afterwards.