Friday, July 29, 2016

It's Tomato Day!

Durwood and I agreed that we'd had enough of that lone red tomato taunting us with its rosy plumpness so I went out, picked it, let him hold it and sniff it, cored it, cut it in half--and then we ate it.  No bacon, no mayo, no bread or lettuce, just pure unadulterated homegrown tomato.  We agreed that it was a little under-ripe but a person can endure only so much.  It had to be done.

We had a visitor this morning.  A sharp-shinned hawk came to overlook the parking lot behind our house.  I love this view of it looking over its shoulder.

I tried weaving in the tails of this crocheted hexagon as I finished each color yesterday and it was much less onerous than leaving them until the hex is finished.  *pat, pat*  Good thinking, Barbara.

And despite having quite a few projects "on the go" I cast on this Black Bean shawl last night.  My excuse, uh, reason is that I'm going to be knitting in a yarn shop tomorrow and it's bad form to knit with yarn not obtained or obtainable in said store.  See?  It would be impolite to knit on Sudoku Strip #5 or the Advent Garland mittens (although I did buy most of that variegated yarn there)... okay, I confess, I wanted to knit this shawl.  *hangs head*

The nylon drawer glide thingy on the silverware drawer broke the other day, which meant that you had to be extra careful opening that drawer because it'd tip and threaten to spill all the flatware, so this morning I emptied the phone book drawer next to it, unscrewed the (unbroken) part I needed to replace and took it to Home Depot.  They don't have them.  Our cupboards are so old that drawer sliding technology has advanced way beyond our ancient fitments.  Ours has the slider on the bottom of the drawer with a narrow metal channel it goes into and slides on.  The new ones have the sliders on the sides, half screwed on the drawers themselves and half screwed onto part of the cabinet body.  We don't have cabinet parts that the side ones can screw into.  Dammit.  Our temporary solution (a very Hank Angermeier School of Home Repair solution) is trading the broken silverware drawer for the unbroken phone book drawer next to it and then loading 10# of lead shot pouches from the SCUBA bin into the back of the broken slider drawer to keep it from flinging the phone book and scissors on the floor until we can find a permanent fix.  There used to be an old-fashioned hardware store in town where you could find just about anything but the owner went on an African safari a few years back, caught some deadly disease there, came home, kicked the bucket, and his kids sold out.  So, anyone got a nylon doodad like this kicking around?

July 29--Skip Brown, Sunset Skimboarder, Maui.  The water looked like molten copper but it was soft and warm as we waded in from shore.  We were doing a sunset dive because Will said he wanted "to watch the shift change on the reef."  I wasn't all that enthusiastic.  I liked diving during the day when sunlight speared through the clear water and all the colorful fish darted around the coral.  Night diving wasn't my favorite.  The fish that were active were drab colors and I was half-convinced that sea monsters lurked just beyond the edge of my light beam.

Okay, then.  It's just about time to heat up the leftover pizza so we can eat and then I can go off to Friday Night Knitting.  Then I'll pack up a few things when I get home because tomorrow morning I'm running away from home--for a couple nights.  Just up to Sturgeon Bay to have lunch with a friend and spend the afternoon knitting with her tomorrow, then a dive buddy's band is playing at a resort in Sturgeon Bay so I'll go over for a drink and to listen for a bit, but Sunday I intend to veg, just loll around doing whatever strikes my fancy, then I'll get up on Monday and tootle back to town for my chiro appointment and to meet a friend for lunch.  Sounds good, don't you think?  I'm foolishly excited about it.  You be good while I'm gone; I'll still blog because even though I'm absolutely certain that this motel could have an "Abe Lincoln slept here" sign on it, they have free wi-fi.  Woohoo!  Pizza time.

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