Thursday, June 30, 2016


That's how many nasturtiums have sprouted.  One.  One measly seed survived the chipmunk horde.  This is not the lush excess of nasturtium leaves and flowers I envisioned cascading out of these pots.  Nope, not what I imagined at all.  I'm going to go back to Stein's for another packet of seeds and try again.  I'd say I'll put them up higher but those little buggers can CLIMB.  Nothing is safe from them.  I watched one climb an Asiatic lily stalk up on the retaining wall, nip off a flower bud, hop down, and eat the bud like it had been through the drive-through for a snack.  The nerve.

A few daisy buds have opened so the bee balm looks even prettier popping up in a growing sea of white petals and yellow centers.  I purely love my daisies.

The blueberries are still blueberrying away.  Only one bush has more than one cluster of them but it's doing its best.  This morning I saw that the baby bunny can get in there so I'll be spending time this weekend working to close up that particular loophole in the chicken wire fence around the berries.  I also filled the feeders and did a little weeding--until I grabbed an handful of nettles.  Ouch.  This is why a person wears gardening gloves, and she will wear her gardening gloves when she goes up to weed a little more over the weekend.  

My ankle isn't up to me starting at one end and weeding my way to the other just yet, but I can climb up, weed a little, and then come back down to rest.  It came to me yesterday that I need to stop sitting so much, stand with my weight even on both legs, and do yoga every day even if it makes the sole of my foot and my ankle ache some.  I'm never going to get back to semi-normal sitting on my keester.  *nods firmly*

I finished the second side scallop of the sock last night and picked up the stitches for the leg front one.  That means only 2 more scallops before the cuff.  Then I can start another sock or something else because I can't have just one project on the go, I need to be able to jump from one to the other.  I often have the attention span of a gnat.

June 30--David Lissy, Women Walking.  Women in pastel track suits stride by every morning flickering in and out of the shade of the trees like tropical birds in the jungle.  Bernie watched them, he waited for them, he waved at them.  Once in a while one of them waved back but most of the time they were too engrossed in conversation or zoned out with those little earphone things stuck in their ears.  Some had a pocket on an armband that held their pod player, others carried it in their hands.  Bernie wondered when people stopped being comfortable with their own thoughts.

I wonder that too and I'm guilty of rarely being in the quiet.  Running late because I filled the feeders, watered the "farm", did yoga, ate breakfast, and showered.  Gotta go.

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Aunt B said...

Those daisies seem to shout "cute" -- at least that's what I hear when I see them. They made up my bridal bouquet way, way, WAY back when -- 1955! Long ago and far away. Off to Winston this morning. Back on Sunday.