Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nature Red In Beak & Talon

We have a Red-tailed Hawk hanging around.  I thought I saw it's pterodactyl-like wingspan swoop into the big trees behind the bank last week and thought I heard it's distinctive scree! when I was cripping to the car the other day but last night clinched it.

Durwood and I were chatting before supper and I glanced out the patio doors to see it standing on one of the big timbers that edge the garden.  It took me a minute to realize that it had caught something and was having supper.  I couldn't tell what it was beyond being furry, not feathery.  It stayed there a long time and, taking the remains of its supper in its talons, flew off to finish in the neighbor's tree.  I saw it swoop up into the big tree later in the evening too.

This morning when I went out to plug in the fountain I heard a bluejay going crazy calling and calling but thought nothing of it.  It was so nice out that I pulled the screen across and left the door open so the morning wonderfulness could waft in on me while I ate my Cheerios and read the paper.  The bluejay kept up its racket so I looked up and saw what the problem was.  The Red-tailed Hawk was sitting ever so calmly in the top of the apple tree and the bluejay wasn't happy about it.  Not one little bit.  It kept hopping from branch to branch, calling and scolding, sometimes even dive-bombing the hawk.  The hawk just sat there, all cool and calm (except for once when it lifted its tail and pooped on the poor car parked under the tree), letting the bluejay and its partner broadcast its presence all over the place.  The coolest thing was that after using its usual call (which I interpreted as "Hawk! Hawk!" in bluejay speak), the bluejay changed to a more melodic (for a bluejay) one, and then another call.  Very cool.  I could hardly eat my Cheerios before they got soggy I was so riveted watching to see if the hawk got tired of the harassment and "silenced" the bluejay, but he/she didn't.

My friend, MW, told me about a little camper for sale on his street so I went to work that way yesterday.  I didn't have time or interest, really, to see if it pops up so a person can stand in it but doesn't it look cool?  It's only $6500, and I can give you directions if you're interested.

When I was getting into my car after work I looked up and the sky just said "gorgeous day" to me.  Naturally I was inside working all day.  Don't you love the look of big, puffy clouds against a blue, blue sky?

June 2--Steve Uzzell

"Two trailers, no waiting"
it should say on the side.
The truck seems small
to pull the load.
Exertion exhaust roils,
gears mesh,
and freight moves to market.

I'm telling you right now it's no picnic writing about semis, but I write about whatever shows up.  Oh, I moved my laptop back to my desk.  I'm tired of having it on my lap and having the thing heat up and make me all sweaty as I type, plus it slides around and puts my arms and shoulders at an awkward angle.  I can prop my foot up on a file box under here and do just fine.  Makes me feel like I've taken another step back toward normal.  Whatever that it.  Off to work.

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Aunt B said...

Ahhh the old routine. Inching closer to normal is a very good thing. Love the video of the hawk and the bluejay and the perfect shot in today's blog of the determined jay and the very stoic hawk.