Thursday, June 16, 2016

Now I Get It

The only thing I have to show you today is my progress on the Autumn Cumulus sock.  Remember the other day I knitted a long column of stitches and couldn't figure out where I was going?  Yesterday I figured it out.  The directions had me pick up stitches all along one edge of that column and then knit short rows (which curves the knitting to turn the heel, or half of it anyway) until I got to the number of stitches that are in the "standard" scallop.  Then I just followed the same instructions as for all of the previous scallops.

The first picture is a side view of the knitting trick of making the sock heel.  See the gentle curve?  The next picture is a top view; you can see that today's knitting will take me down the other side of that long column, through more short rows and then end up opposite where I ended last night.  After that comes the leg and then the cuff so I'm kind of rounding the clubhouse turn into the home stretch.  (I've been wishing I could go to the track and watch horses race lately, can you tell?  Maybe we can get to Lexington in the fall while the harness racing's still on and I can lay down a few bets.  Nothing big, mind you, only $2 per race but I do love going.)  (My quibble with my "new" refurbished camera is visible in these shots too.  See the shadow in the lower left?  It's the lens blocking the flash and I don't know how to get around that, except with an external flash and that negates the whole "camera in my pocket" thing.)

Congrats to Aunt B in NC for having a nest of fresh wren hatchlings in her front porch flower pot.  I haven't heard our wren in a few days.  Evidently his nests, at least the ones in our yard, were rejected by the lady wrens, dang it.

June 16--Mike Vaughn, Dad w/Baby Underwater.  

They spend their first nine months
Swimming lessons should be like going
But after a few months spent breathing air they

Hey, today's the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild's annual picnic.  I've got my crockpot full of meatballs and sweet & sour sauce all packed.  I even remembered a slotted spoon so people can serve themselves--although they smell so good I might want to "forget" to take them along.  Nah, I'm not that greedy, besides I kept a few meatballs for Durwood and me, and I can surely make more sauce.  Enjoy your day, it looks like rain.  Of course it looks like rain, it's a picnic day and I do believe that we have never had a picnic that it didn't rain on, okay, maybe one but it was overcast, chilly, and started drizzling as we packed up to go.  It better be not rainy on Saturday because it's Worldwide Knit In Public Day and we're planning to sit on the City Deck along the river downtown and knit.  I want to go and not get wet.  So there.

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Aunt B said...

That sock looks very complicated but I'm proud of you for figuring it out -- and explaining it to a non-knitter like me. Have fun at your picnic. Hope you stay dry.