Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Like That Idea But Doubt I Could Do It

Aunt B commented on yesterday's post that she liked the idea of "No" Day, likening it to an "S&S" (sit & stare) Day.  She says she has those every once in a while.  I try but rarely if ever get there.  I thought I'd make yesterday a "not much" day and ended up going to the Social Security office (which to my great amazement was a quick and easy stop), to the yard waste to dump a basket of weeds, to Wal-Mart for a couple items that turned into more than that (of course), to Copps grocery for Rxs and a couple of Friday Freebies that were expiring, and finally to Papa Murphy's for a pizza for supper.  In between Wal-Mart and Copps I did sit on the couch but while sitting I trimmed a pattern to make LC a swim shirt.  See?  I'm no good at "not much" days, how could I ever just "sit & stare"?  I plan to give it a try on Saturday (I already have plans for a haircut and to work on the knitting guild library on Friday).  Maybe if I gather enthralling books and knitting around me I'll make it, at least part of the day.  Time will tell.

In Wal-Mart they had a bunch of fishing lures in the Clearance aisle.  I know this grandson who likes to fish so I picked out these cute ones.  They didn't say anywhere on the package what kind of fish they were intended to lure (they expect you to just know that stuff?!?) but I figure these are small, maybe for panfish, and if they're not right he can turn them into earrings or hang them on the Christmas tree (after snipping off the hooks, of course).

Speaking of knitting, I wove in the tails on Sudoku Strip #3 (didn't cast on #4 yet) and after supper I finished June Preemie Hat #3, weaving in its tails too (didn't cast on hat #4 yet either), but I did sit with my feet up and an ice pack on my left ankle.

Seems like a yoga practice plus all the errands and house stuff I did yesterday was too much.  There's a line of storms headed our way later and my barometer of a left ankle is broadcasting.  Don't break your ankle when you're 64, don't do it at any age really, but I feel like it's been forever (although it's not fully 3 months recovery yet) so I'm kind of in a perpetual, low-grade pout about it.  Not a happy camper although I did find some denim capris and a couple cute summer tops on the sale rack at Wal-Mart, that helped.  I'm wearing them right now and look very nice, if I do say so myself.  I think I'll stop in at Lane Bryant and see about getting a decent bra on my way home tonight.  I put on my last "real" bra this morning and my shoulders and upper back are thanking me.  I guess I'm too old and too busty to wear sports bras for the rest of my life.  (TMI?  sorry.)

Look what I found at the dollar store last week.  They were just stocking them and I grabbed a 2-pack.  They're called Grab Bags and they're "as seen on TV" reusable shopping bags that clamp onto the sides of a shopping cart so they stay open as you load them, then you grab the handles, lift, and walk away.  Two for a buck, can you believe it?  What a deal.  (Oh god, that's such an old lady thing... I'm old *sniff*)

June 22--Karl Weatherly, Cowboy on Horse.  

Yellow aspen leaves blur
behind the red horse
Man and horse move as one,
centaur of the Plains,
race ahead of winter
through Autumn's last glow

A-a-and that's it for me today.  I need to drop off the organics recycling on my way to the dive shop so I'd better wrap this up, slap on a few pix, and head out.  Later.

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Aunt B said...

The S&S thing can't really be for a full day. Just a little "time out" between all the running around you do! And you DO do a lot of running around. But don't stop. Too much fun to read about all your stops and the neat things you find when you're out and about.